Craig Wright Refutes Phil Wilson’s Bitcoin Origins Satoshi Story: Shares ‘Easter Eggs’ Exposure Plans

Dr. Craig ‘Satoshi' Wright has been spilling the salt all over the twitter airwaves lately and it is worth trying to piece all of this incredible story, yet to be completely proven, yet so intriguing and insightful that one must follow along closely and pay attention to in order to not get crossed, duped or lead down a path of falsehoods and fairy tales. We have already put together these 2 pieces in which we highly recommend you read (after this post):

Since the conception of Bitcoin, there have been few stories as significant and long-lasting as the question regarding who might be Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is the identity attributed to the creator, or the group of creators, responsible for the release of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Founded with anti-establishment and libertarian sentiments in mind, the cryptocurrency has been the subject of intense research on the part of multiple entities, including security consultants and government agencies alike.

The cryptocurrency community has recently been rocked by a series of important revelations that could shed some light on the true identity behind the enigmatic figure or figures credited with creating Bitcoin, which has skyrocketed in price to thousands of dollars per coin. This figure, who is likely the heir to a fortune beyond conception for some hoarders of Bitcoin, remains largely anonymous. However, tweets by security expert and developer Craig S. Wright have deepened the plot, adding more elements to an already exciting story developing before out very eyes.

But with most things within the bitcoin ecosystem, nearly every bit of information now made available by the group of men that some are calling the “true” Satoshi Nakamoto is difficult to track, underscored by a deep sense of argumentation and, oftentimes, very little substantive proof to back up the claims being made. However, the recent wave of revelations on the Bitcoin creator’s identity has rocked the community, leading many to believe that, for once, we might have a path to figuring out the true identity of the man, or the men, who founded the biggest financial phenomenon of the recent century.

The Importance Behind Identity

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is important for several reasons. There are, of course, many people within the cryptocurrency community who argue that the source behind Bitcoin is insignificant. For this subset of cryptocurrency experts, there is a deep sense of philosophy behind Bitcoin, one of decentralization and anonymity. From this perspective, there is no doubt that it would be fitting for the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto to remain a secret forever.

But for most people, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is important, even if it’s just from a curiosity perspective. For these members of the cryptocurrency community, there is a need to identify the creators of Bitcoin, to figure out who might have come up with the incredible new technology in order to better understand the technical specifications which underscore the cryptocurrency.

There is, however, a more financial and palpable reason that members of the Bitcoin community, which continues to grow, may clamor for more information regarding the creator or creators of the anonymous cryptocurrency. For the most part, this reason has to do with the “Tulip Trust,” a massive stock of Bitcoins rumored to amount to billions of dollars in value and millions of the cryptocurrency itself.

If this trust does exist, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is incredibly important. In the wrong hands, the release of this much Bitcoin into the market at one time would be unprecedented. According to some analysts, this might actually contribute to the destruction of the market entirely, driving prices down to ridiculous all-time lows. Even in the hands of the right individual, it could be very dangerous to hold nearly one million Bitcoins.

In any case, thousands within the cryptocurrency community continue to clamor for more and more information regarding the potential identity of the group of individuals that might have created the economic trend of Bitcoin, a trend which continues to drive parts of the world economy today.

Craig Wright as Satoshi

Perhaps the biggest clue into the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is the supposed role of Craig Wright, who was exposed to be the potential creator of Bitcoin back in 2015. A hacker had cracked into the personal email accounts of Craig Steven Wright, an academic professional in Australia. The hack had revealed that Wright had worked significantly with partner David Kleiman to create the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Additionally, a number of articles by other major news sources cited that the group might have included 1-2 additional members, though their identities are far less solidified in sourced evidence.

One major piece of evidence for this theory by the anonymous hacker was that, following the display of his private emails linking him to the cryptocurrency, Craig Wright then deleted most of his online presence entirely, not choosing to reappear into the public sphere until May of 2016, nearly an entire year later. Evidently, Wright had disappeared following the theory because he realized that he ought to retreat and decide what his next move was—as one of the creators of Bitcoin.

But eventually, Wright decided to bite the bullet and assume the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. He was immediately supported in his claim by Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis, two major respected personalities within the cryptocurrency community. He also attempted to release more proof in the form of cryptography. These pieces of evidence, however, were heavily refuted by researchers and cryptography professionals, who referred to the proof as “fraudulent.”

The Lawsuit by Kleiman

The plot thickened significantly early this year, when court documents revealed a lawsuit by David Kleiman and his family, to the sum of billions of dollars USD. The plaintiffs argued that Wright owed them a settlement amounting to 300,000 Bitcoin, which would be hundreds of millions of dollars in USD currency.

The core of the settlement’s grounds relies on the idea that there was a secret trust set up by the founders of Bitcoin, of which Kleiman was one. The trust is referred to as the “Tulip Trust,” and it allegedly becomes available in 2021. The amount of Bitcoin within this trust alone would be enough to shake up the Bitcoin market, and the availability date of the coins draws closer with every passing day.

The lawsuit also reveals another important bit of information. According to documents filed with the Florida court, there was another individual involved in the group which created Bitcoin, a secretary going by the name Uyen Nguyen. Nguyen, however has gone completely cold, dropping off of the online map since the release of his name in the very public lawsuit. When Craig was asked about the lawsuit back in February, 2008 he had a one word answer:

The Tulip Trust

The “Tulip Trust” is the name attributed to a trust fund supposedly established by the creators of Bitcoin, which might include up to one million Bitcoin. The trust is frequently mentioned within both the court documents by the Kleiman lawsuit and numerous articles and tweets by the involved parties. Current estimates hold that the account holds billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin, which is an amount significant enough to change the course of the Bitcoin community’s trajectory entirely.

The trust is allegedly only currently available to Wright, although this supposition is challenged by some within the community. The trust, according to another player in the intense Bitcoin game, will unlock on the first day of the year 2020—less than two years from now. When this happens, the speculation is that Craig Wright will then be able to access and make use of the million Bitcoin contained within the Tulip Trust.


Phil Wilson and the Unfolding Conspiracy

Phil Wilson is a cryptocurrency writer who has come out with a variety of important pieces in the past couple years, especially relating to the origins behind the important Bitcoin and the identity of mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. But on August 29th of this year—just two days ago—Wilson came out with a claim that he was a part of the team that initially created the crypto known as Bitcoin. Specifically, he argues that he had worked with both Craig Wright and David Kleiman to create and release the cryptocurrency.

Wilson was the source of much of the information relating to the Tulip Trust, which he says will become active and provide Wright with dangerous power on January 1st of 2020. scored an exclusive interview with the mysterious figure earlier this year, looking to get access to some additional information regarding the extent of his involvement with the eventual release of Bitcoin and its unique blockchain to the general public. The focus of the interview was the supposed “origins story,” in which Wilson claimed that he was a working member of the group that came out with Bitcoin years ago.

According to Wilson, his involvement started with his choice to assist Craig in what he called an “electronic cash” project in May of 2008. But the tech professional quickly realized that the project would “never work,” and he created his own new undertaking in June of the same year, soliciting the help of both Dave and Craig in its creation.

Wilson argues that Bitcoin evolved from this original project, which was created initially by him. Even further, Wilson outlined in this exclusive interview that most of the code used for Bitcoin was his own, and that very little was derived from the original codebase created by Craig.

Craig ‘Satoshi' Wright Reveals his Side

At this point, the latest part of the constantly unfolding saga of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is the flurry of tweets sent out by Dr. Craig S. Wright, cryptocurrency expert and reported creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain. In the series of arguments, the professional attacks Wilson extensively, even promising to release substantive proof that the man was not involved in any way with the creation of Bitcoin.

In his first tweet, Craig lamented the story of Wilson, who he alleges went by the name “Scronty” on occasion. Wright promises in this statement to enact a “criminal fraud prosecution” against Wilson, saying that he had “nothing to do” with the creation of Bitcoin, and that he will become “an example” of what happens when someone attempts to falsely claim credit for the endeavor.

But he doesn’t stop there. Wright also responds to his own tweet, elaborating that Wilson had “never met” Dave Kleiman, a key figure in the existing lawsuit which Wilson continuously referenced.

In the final part of this line of tweets attacking Wilson, Wright also alleges that the name “Jamie Wilson,” which was supposed to be the fake identity used by Phil Wilson when communicating with Wright regarding the currency, was a completely separate person from Phil Wilson. He concludes that any actual information discussed by Jamie Wilson are is “unrelated” to the identity of Phil Wilson, which he argues is fraudulent.

As we are vested in this story just as much as any bitcoiner is, we had to prompt and ask as we are a fan of Craig and all of his doings:

Regardless of the community's attempt to ‘ostracize him‘ and should take over the Bitcoin ticker symbol of BCC for Bitcoin Craig (which was going to be the original coin code for Bitcoin Cash but now defunct BitConnect (BCC) is now gone. We have saw this lead to many things, even the leaking of more documents regarding Craig being Satoshi.

An Ongoing Story

Craig S. Wright did not end on a conclusive note. Instead, following the clear tradition of the saga of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright left readers and researchers on a cliffhanger with his final tweet. In this tweet, he espoused that the information that has been gathered by Phil Wilson in regards to Bitcoin was obtained through a theft of information that occurred way back in 2015.

According to Wright, an “old employee” made off with several hard drives belonging to his company that year, though the motivations of the speculative employee remain unclear thus far. This would account for the high level of insider info possessed by Wilson, which has served as a lynchpin of his claim to involvement with the creation of Bitcoin.

“Satoshi's” Plan to Expose “Nakamoto”

If you read Phil Wilson's Bitcoin Origins post – you will see Phil/Jamie/Scronty say something along the lines of, [“It has to be a full name,” I said. “Not just a single anonymous internet handle. It needs a last name.”] And this was where Phil says he gave Mr. Satoshi a last name in Mr. Nakamoto as there are many twists and turns throughout this entire dialogue that is nothing short of juicy.

But Craig Wright has a plan. His most recent tweet regarding the controversy ended with the promise of further development. Wright says that the company had added false information as “Easter eggs,” which could be used to expose pretenders in the case of attempted fraud.

Only time will tell whether Wright will make good on his promise to expose the criminal wrongdoings of Phil Wilson. But regardless of what happens, it is clear that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto might be unfolding right now, before our very eyes. The group behind the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin is a group of enormous importance to the community and market alike.

For the group of tech professionals involved in this international feud, the stakes have never been higher, and the story continues to develop.

Fireworks are coming. The salt is being split and the Satoshi wig is being split. Stay tuned as it is about to get LIT when it comes to the BIT-coin creator's legacy, journey and overall epiphanies that made the future's financial frontier much, much brighter no matter what shakes off the money-tree in this on going battle for the Satoshi Nakamoto crown.


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