What Is Crave?

Crave is a crypto coin that has a major focus on privacy and anonymity of its users. The coin was launched in March 2015. It has since become a leading digital coin for the niche markets. The coin was the first one to implement the masternode technology utilizing proof of stake consensus mechanism. It thus led to a trend where many coins have moved to this technology or plan to do it at some point in their roadmap.

The Current State Of Crave Decentralized Blockchain Payments

Today, Crave can be purchased and sold on central exchanges like Cryptopia, TradeSatoshi, and It is also traded on CryptoBridge, a decentralized exchange. The traders of Crave are active all the time with sellers and buyers leading to a natural adjustment in price due to supply and demand.

In later 2017, the technical team for the coin presented clear instructions to attain the creation of a community –based masternodes that exceeded 1000 for the first time. Each masternode has 5000 Crave as collateral. The growth rate has increased with a growing number of operations every month. This demonstrates that the investment value of Crave is growing.

After the completion of the 1 to 10 split early in 2018, the data shows that the price of the coin stabilized, commensurate with the cyclic trends of the crypto market. Being an early adopter of the masternode, Crave’s team has kept up with the advances and updates to it. It also has a solid management and technical team that has an excellent education and experience. This core team has worked hard to adhere to their roadmap. Over three years since its launch, they have managed to retain the same reliable performance to date.

The Crave Adaptive Blocks Plans

Crave Adaptive Blocks plan is one of the developments that are on the horizon for the Crave coin. This will adjust the block size to the network requirements. This will allow faster transactions and better scalability.

They are also working on a new wallet UI, which will make the wallet on the site even more useful. Thus far, the work is 25% done. This wallet will stand out from the competition once it is done.

Crave is always in search of new members for its community who have the education, skills, experience, and the knowledge to complement the core team. If you believe that you have the skills that Crave needs, you can always contact them.

Crave Benefits


Blockchains sometimes involve major financial transactions. It would not be okay to have everyone know your transactions. This could be utilized to attack your computer or your devices to get to your crypto. However, when you use Crave for transactions, your anonymity is guaranteed.

Untraceability And Unlinkability

With the help of blockchain parlance, the blocks are built on one another to create a blockchain. This makes it possible for hackers to trace the owner of the crypto. However, Crave has a unique system that lets users clear their transaction history. This ensures that any attackers run into dead ends.

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