CREAMcoin is a very strategic and innovative cryptocurrency project that is desired to attract as many users as possible and make CREAM the desired cryptocurrency coin.

CREAM is a digital property cryptocurrency that allows collection of various secure transactions in a modified Bitcoin base alt-chain.

What Is Cream Coin?

CREAMcoin is entirely based on an algorithm known as X11 chained hashing, which comes in handy for the calculations of Proof of Work. They are basically eleven algorithms chained together to provide the best security in the industry. The use of these eleven various algorithms increase the security of the stored coins against attacks related to brute force.

This kind of algorithm is much less intensive and therefore uses less electricity as compared to others available in the market. This makes it acceptable and usable to a wider audience.

Cream Coin Distribution Channels

CREAM has four major means of distributing its currency; Crowdsale, staking, mining, and through gateway acceptances.

  • The CREAM crowdsale was created to ensure that the company gets sufficient funds for developing most of its projects. It is designed to contribute thirty million coins that are then distributed to the investors. If the process has not gone as expected, the funds will not be returned to the investors.
  • Mining is another way that CREAM has picked to distribute the CREAM coins. Mining begins 24 hours after the crowdsale process has been concluded. It is conducted on multipools as well as several mining pools.
  • Another technique that the company uses to distribute and generate coins is staking. On top of that, it is also used to distribute revenue without mining or any other kind of item.
  • Last but not least, there is the use of gateway acceptance of CREAM on third party sites. These websites mainly offer goods and services that assist in the process of distribution and generating demand for CREAM.

Cream Coin Technology & Security

CREAMcoin uses a blockchain as its public ledger for all the transactions that it carries out. New blocks are added to the technology as well as a new set of data in a constant manner.

These blocks are added in a chronological and linear order.

The blockchain used by CREAMcoin has full information concerning the balances and addresses from the beginning of the block to the most recent one.

The quality of data is maintained by huge and strong database replication of the block as well as the computational trust.

No user is trusted more than others, and there is no centralized official copy that exists.

All the transactions are transparently broadcasted to the network using software that has upgraded security methods.

One of these security measures is the use of public-key cryptography.

Cream Coin Conclusion

Technically, blockchain technology has a great potential to improve business-operating models with a considerable amount of time.

CREAMcoin is a blockchain distributed ledger technology that has the potential to create new and working foundations for the international economic and social systems.

This blockchain platform can be used to design a permanent and strong public ledger system for purposes of compiling sales data.

By authenticating the registration of copyright, and even track transactions data, this kind of blockchain technology is the way to go.

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