What Is Creary?

Creary is a decentralized social platform based on blockchain technology that is especially designed for artists, creative, and curators. Creary is the upgraded version of the desktop platform, CreativeChain, which was a platform for the distribution and registration of digital art.

Creary consists of artistic portfolios similar to other platforms in the centralized world such as Behance. However, the main difference that Creary has from such platforms is the fact that it is dynamic and interactive in nature and has gaming and other additional benefits that it provides to its users.

How Creary Blockchain Social Rewards Network Works

Artists and curators who use the platform will receive rewards for publishing content on the social network or sharing their digital art with the Creary community. The amount of rewards received will depend on the interaction and votes that they receive from other users.

Similarly, the value of the votes will be determined by the reputation owned by the artist or the curator. A good reputation on Creary is acquired by generating interesting content and activity on the platform that will increase their interaction with other users.

Creary Benefits

Implementation Of Crea 2.0

Creary implements the version 2.0 of the CREA blockchain, which offers a wide range of benefits such as provide a more accessible platform for creative communities that are not initiated in the cryptocurrency world, ensure transparency in Creary’s reward system, and improve the efficiency of the platform.

Generation Of Income

Artists and creatives have the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of Crea, which is redeemable for digital art sold on the platform. The Crea coin can also be used by artists to sell the digital art that they have created.


Transactions on Creary happen over a distributed network that does not involve intermediaries, since users can connect directly. This results in the avoidance of fees or commissions that make the creative work of artists to be expensive.

Proof Of Ownership

As Creary stores all the digital content published via blockchain, the records cannot be altered or erase. Therefore, in instances such as court proceedings or in copyright claims, the owner of the artwork will have a method of proving ownership of the artwork.

Creary CREA Token

The rewards are issued in CREA, which is the platform’s cryptocurrency. The CREA coins can be used to buy or sell any creative work published on the platform. The Proof of Creation algorithm facilitates the distribution of the rewards in the form of tokens that reward the creation and curation of content on the platform.

Crea’s blockchain creates coins that are distributed to all the platform’s participants. Creary users who hold the most Crea coins determine how most of the issued rewards will be distributed and at what proportion.

Creary will as well issue artists, creators, and curators with copyright certificates and distribution licenses for any digital art that they publish. To eliminate the possibility of manipulation and erasing of data stored on the platform, Creary records all the digital art on the blockchain, which is an immutable ledger. This will provide digital art owners with the power of attorney for everything that they publish on the network without necessarily requiring the help of a centralized authority.

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