PLMP FinTech was started in the year 2017 with the primary aim of embarking on creating a revolutionary small to medium enterprise blockchain system.

Problems PLMP Fintech Seeks To Solve

How is to possible for the 80 trillion-dollar global money supply system to co-exist in an environment that has 2.6 trillion-dollar credit gap pertaining to small and medium enterprises?

The only definitive answer is that liquidity has not been finding its way to organizations and companies that require it the most. This only goes to show that there exists a mismatch between credit, available money, and the people who need it the most.

This is a problem that has been identified as Ecosystems inefficiencies and gaps by the Creatanium team. Although it may seem like a minor problem, it is one that happens to have very many facets.

The PLMP Fintech Solution

To deal with the problems identified above, the people behind PLMP saw the need to have a blockchain technology dedicated to the under-served SME market. With Creatanium, they believe that it will be possible to integrate blockchain technology with business processes which will make it easier to raise capital, as well as fund business growth without having a negative impact on equity.

PLMP FinTech had for long been a regional hub dealing with blockchain solutions. It has been able to provide advisory services to small and medium enterprises looking to harness the power of the blockchain technology. This is something that can help many companies embark on their next growth phases.

How PLMP Fintech Blockchain Ecosystem Works

PLMP will be using a hybrid blockchain. This kind of blockchain is one where a full public ledger system is combined with a private blockchain. The result is a system that is secure, safe, and one where all transactions are validated through the use of master-nodes.

PLMP FinTech seeks to empower investors and SMEs to take advantage of the blockchain technology by providing them with these services:

  • Blockchain and Fintech partnerships, alliances, and collaboration
  • Full advisory services
  • FinTech and SMEs startup incubator
  • Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Venture and investor capitalist’s networks
  • Over the counter services
  • Eco-sustainable rig mining systems
  • Blockchain developers and academy program

Creatanium CMB Token & ICO Details

  • High revenue and high growth ICO ecosystem advisory firm
  • CMB token shares order books. This is done together with five of the ten leading global exchanges
  • CMB token is 100% pegged to the dollar to guarantee market stability
  • The joint venture, international partnerships, and global alliances

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name: Creatanium
  • Token symbol: CMB
  • Token launch:18th May 2018
  • Token supply: 2,000,000,000 CMB
  • Soft cap: 10 million dollars (already achieved)
  • Hard cap: 150,000,000
  • Launch price: 0.20$

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