Over 90% of users spend their time on closed platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Most users are there for the content created by fellow users and not content generated by the platforms. However, although talented creators spend a lot of time and effort to attract people, they usually get paid little or nothing. The platforms will usually keep most or all of the money they generate.

What Is Creator.AI?

Creator.AI intends to be the first content creation protocol in the world that runs on the Blockchain. The idea all came about after extensive research by the developers of the platform. They realized that most content creators on social media hardly ever get any compensation. Instead, social media platforms monetize the content. In the process, they make billions of dollars in profits, while creators never get anything.

How Creator.AI Content Creation Blockchain Service Will Work

Before diving into how this platform will work, let us take a close look at those who participate.

The Creators

These people spend their time and effort to come up with unique content. They also have a following and a high engagement rate on social media. Popular platforms they utilize are Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and many others.


This is any brand or company, which creates engaging content on a large scale to target a specific medium. They include ad agencies, talent agencies, and anyone else who need assistance with their marketing needs.

Escrows Or Oracles

On Creator.AI, there will be oracles whose job will be to validate content created and posted when applicable. The validator will play the role of an oracle and will earn incentives every time they validate a piece of content.

The marketers will share the ideas they have on the platform, and the creators will submit the relative content and bid on projects. Marketers can then evaluate the candidates for content creation. When a creator is picked, both the market and the creator will establish milestones, scope, and their payment structure.

Once the project has been uploaded to the Creator.ai protocol, the validating Oracle will come in to check whether content meets all the requirements of the smart contract. If approved, the creator will get the predetermined tokens allocated to them. The process is quite simple.

The vision that Creator has is to establish a borderless community of creators and marketers. They will be able to monopolize the expansive marketplace resources and benefit from a streamline exchange process.

Creator.AI CR8 Token ICO Details

Creator.AI has their own token called CR8. You can purchase the CR8 token during their pre-sale which is going on now. A Public ICO will start in Q2 of 2018. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only accepted cryptocurrencies.

Creator.AI Conclusion

With this platform, creators will not have to worry about the payment and marketers will not need to worry about the quality of content. The Creator.AI platform opens up an opportunity for the creation of curated content from brilliant minds, which is authentic. The good thing about this platform is that geographical location will not be an impediment. Anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to receive and make payments without having to go through complex banking processes. It is a win for everyone. Best of all, it is pushing digital marketing to a whole new level unheard of in the word.

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