What Is CredibleToken?

The Credible Token platform is a new platform that is used to build device identity. They claim to be the first platform of their kind, but I’ve personally seen a couple of other platforms like it as well. That’s not to mean it’s not a good platform, just that it is not the only one of its kind. Right now, the presale for the token is currently live and you can buy tokens at the company website.

How Does CredibleToken Work Trusted Device Identity Blockchain?

The credible token ecosystem is a decentralized network built with the power of the blockchain technology used for Ethereum at a consensus level. The purpose of the platform is to be able to trust and verify a smart phone or device even if you had no previous experience with the customer you’re about to work with. And by using the powerful platform that was developed for the decentralized Ethereum blockchain consensus, Credible Token can tell you immediately if a device can or can’t be trusted. By using the coin of the Credible Token platform, you can make additional offers for incentives to your customers who are trusted while at the same time blocking any fraudulent customers and hackers.

The three separate circles of the platform are built on trust the consumer and action, with trust being at the core. It’s a fair and open trusted device verification platform that uses smart contracts. The open source SDKs for Android and iOS use is how the verification process on the platform operated with smart contracts and the same type of consensus as used by Ethereum. The running of the platform has now made a frictionless verification process for determining if a device is trustworthy or not.

The platform also protects privacy at the same time but are primarily committed to ensuing they do everything in the correct manner, so they can protect their customer’s privacy with 100% guarantees. Credible Token also makes it easy for customers to stay protected because of the difficulty it creates for fraudulent users and scam artists to hack the program or even track a user’s individual activity. You’ll be able to verify everything you need through the use of the consensus aspect of the platform, and that’s how easy it is.

You can also slow down the way fraudulent people and hackers operate in general because the difficulty of this platform will start to spread once the effectiveness is seen by other people. They use the iOS SDK and Android SDK as well as REST APIs to easily ad the coin from CredibleToken to your multifaceted security measure. You can also get your Credible Token check at registration as well, login and payment or any other significant type of action deemed to be significant by your own standards.

They give you the credible token verification process and consensus status that is based entirely on the status you decide. You can do one of two things, either allow for the action to take place without any further authentication or use additional challenges.

Everything you do with the platform will help the Credible Token Ecosystem. You can register your own personal commercial interest to become a valuable part of the validation consensus by the process of verifying specific actions that your customers take on the new application. They are in the process as we speak for currently taking and applications from new people for the point of considering them as sponsored verifiers within their own environment.

The platform will also be rewarding customers for using the application. Any positive actions that are taken by any of the customers should be rewarded in the eyes of the company platform founders. Each time any of the customers takes an action that can be validated in your application, they get rewarded with the CredibleToken Coin. That’s good for you, good for them, good for everyone.

And once the ecosystem of the platform has aged and matured, customers will be able to get access to the Credible Tokens they have been given as rewards in the past. The initial restriction that takes place is designed to help protect the environment people operate in on the ecosystem while the platform is still in this ecosystem.

If you go the company website, you can see a full hierarchy and roadmap on how the platform is operating in form. This is a brand-new concept for any platform that takes place. The process spoken of here is used to incentivize your trusted customers to continue working with you. It’s designed to give you a very significant and highly-competitive advantage. And once a device has been identified by credible by the CredibleToken platform, it can be entrusted with your most advantages incentives.

The purpose is to highly-improve the experience on the platform for customers, so they will continue to the use the system and bring more people to the network. And for you, it gives you the confidence to be able to trust new and old customers – even ones who are using the app for the first time. It means you can provide your customers with a completely frictionless customer experience.

CredibleToken CET ICO Details

If you go to the website for Credible Token right now, you can buy the coin in presale for a sixty percent bonus. The presale doesn’t end for another seventy days. The timeline for the app started with the creation of the alpha version of the platform back in 2017. They used the proof of concept for the token successfully completing all their goals and providing all the details for the company on the whitepaper.

The presale was finally put after the platform was in a well enough version to be considered useable and valuable in March of 2018. The presale put up a 60% bonus with the soft cap target enabling the crowdsale to move forward, so the system can advance as well.

The public crowdsale for the platform is said to start in the third quarter with a decreasing bonus for buying tokens dropping to 30%. After the completion of the public crowdsale, the beta version of the platform will rollout for verified users in the 4th quarter of 2018. This will include the integration of the sponsored organization and the production of the verified SDK into the newly developed environment or ecosystem as it is called by some people. The CET applications will be used for the exchanges and other worldwide marketing campaigns.

Following that, the beta will be rolled out for app developers inn the first quarter of 2019. And the production rollout for the developer SDK will include external safety protocols and the stability of the network for verification of its effectiveness. Maturity of the ecosystem is projected to start in second quarter of 2019 to target the release of a new customer wallet that also includes rewards as well. The second phase of maturity will introduce the verification reputation system to target the masses for adoption, this will happen by the third quarter of 2019.

All of the timeline’s effectiveness fully depends on the completion of the presale and crowdsale, assuming they meet the numbers that have been projected by the company.

The token symbol is the CET. It’s built as a fully compliant ERC20 token and accepted through the Ethereum platform. The minimum purchase investment is 1 CET which is worth exactly 0.0009 Ether. There are 50,000,000 tokens that will be distributed for supply with the presale allocation being only 1,000,000. A presale soft-cap for the tokens is 90 ETH, with 900 ETH being the presale hard-cap.

Who Is Behind CredibleToken?

The Credible Token team is based out of central London, England and has extensive experience with the application development being in the fintech space. Each of the members has intense knowledge that is thorough and focused around mobile security and other traditional centralized solutions that can verify the credibility of the device.

The team is headed by Darran Jones and he has been a consultant for coding architect and development as well. He specialized in Fintech, mobile application and cloud-based services. He’s worked with a ton of huge corporations and businesses as well as startups like OnTrees through the acquisition created by MoneySuperMarket. There are verified social media accounts for him as well that can be accessed via the company website. There are two other members currently working on the project on the website. And that includes Clinton McCutcheon who is another one of the people working on credible token.

Clinton has spent the last 15 years working as a software engineer in a wide variety of positions like media and internet management among other things. He now is the technical solutions architect and financial manager. Triston Hodges works as a software developer for the company and development manager. He’s spent the last ten years in finances as well as specializes in mobile apps within the banking system.

CredibleToken Conclusion

The token team is extremely experienced and building a great platform. If you’re looking for a top of the line team and system to invest in, then Credible Token is the ideal platform for you. You can learn more about Credible Token at

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