Credit Suisse Upgrades Square Stock Price Due To Cryptocurrency Payments Involvement

Credit Suisse, one of the leading global financial services for clients in nearly every facet of finance around the world is finally dipping their toes into the water of cryptocurrency. The company has worked hard to overhaul Square, giving the business payment processor and assistant for point of sale solutions an upgrade that has provided them cryptocurrency access as well.

The new formed merger has caused significant stock price increase for both companies, mostly because of new mobile payment applications that will be available for cryptocurrency users. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, it’s an obvious outlook by the major business player Credit Suisse. Wall Street is giving big numbers to Square as well, potentially showing its belief in the cryptocurrency game as well.

Best of all, cryptocurrency is only just getting started, meaning more mergers, applications and jacked prices to come across the board. This new rise in prices for Credit Suisse and Square is only a fraction of the profits to come for investors in the crypto-sphere.

As of now, there are a handful of solutions – providing users with a new way to get in the game, by creating larger innovations not yet seen. But as for now, the companies who get into cryptocurrency early will be the ones who gain the most profit, notoriety and help to shape the future of the industry for years to come.

Even Bitcoin, who has been under some harsh ridicule recently, until the climb in prices occurred – showing that the cryptocurrency granddaddy isn’t going anywhere – but is instead getting integrated into Square cryptocurrency launch for their new payment system. The system is a P2P-based platform, for trading currencies from around the world, both crypto and fiat included. And with the inclusion of Bitcoin into the app, both Square and BTC will likely hit record numbers.

Some experts are even stating that Bitcoin will still climb at least 2x-3x of what it currently is, making the potential for the currency to break its own record of $20K USD per token. By all means, the adoption of cryptocurrency by big names like Square, IBM and even General Electric show that crypto-tokens are here to stay, and potentially even take over.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square refers to cryptocurrencies as transformation currency, meaning they’re going to change the way the world works. At the very least, Square and Credit Suisse are expanding their current platforms, proving users a new way to accept currencies as the future unfolds.

Both companies’ shares have jumped at incredible rates in the last 12 months, with Square going up an easy 150% at least. It’s likely the increase will grow exponentially as usually happens.

What companies do you think will start integration with cryptocurrencies next? Leave your guesses in the comments below, not to mention your general consensus on the whole development of cryptocurrency, unfolding in our midst.

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