There is an immediate need to revolutionize personal data flow and usage. Information is a worlds’ new currency; we create and exchange it every day, but it becomes harder and harder to deal with all of the related problems.

Poor data can cost businesses 20-35% of their operating revenue. There is a requirement to verify the information before it comes to data purchases. It has become harder and harder to store and use your information safely. We need a solution which provides an innovative algorithm for data storage and exchange that is specifically designed to protect your data from every possible hack of failure.

These are the problems that aims to solve.

What Is Creditor?

Creditor is a Ukraine based startup which claims to be the first fully automated marketplace based on AI for assignment of unused loan applications by participants of the financial market to each other.

What Creditor Personal Data Marketplace On Blockchain Offers

Creditor proposes a new and significantly better system, one that’s transparent, mutually beneficial, and safe from bad actors. A system that’s built upon a blockchain-based smart contract where the user owns and controls their data. Users will be able to consent to their data being used, control what data is being used, and receive a reward in return for a revenue share model. For companies and organizations, this platform will not only help comply with GDPR but also mitigate risk from bad actors by having this data stored in a distributed ledger. Furthermore, companies will be incentivized to use the Creditor platform as it will reduce the cost of bad data through our authentication and verification system.

Beyond the data, market Creditor provides a much needed high demand use case for everyday individuals. Most token sales and ecosystems are still catered toward early adopters of cryptocurrency. Beyond providing a safe, secure, and quality ecosystem Creditor will also help with the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

Creditor CDPT Token ICO Details

Creditor Data Platform aims to launch a Token Generation Event to fund further development, marketing and operations of Decentralized Marketplace for Personal Data. Participants who want to support Creditor may do so by contributing their cryptocurrencies to the designated address. By doing so they are purchasing CDPT tokens.

A total of 3.4 Billion tokens will be issued out of which 1.7 billion will be sold. This utility token will have a soft cap of $2 million and a hard cap of $20 million. 1000 CDPT can be bought for 0.044 ETH. 50% of the tokens will go to ICO investors, 25% for the development of the Creditor Platform, 18% will go to the team, 4% to the Advisory board and 3% for their Bounty program.

The funds raised will be distributed as follows:

  • 30% Product Development
  • 20% Managing and Operational Expenses
  • 20% for Sales
  • 30% on Marketing and PR

Creditor Conclusion

Creditor Data Platform will certainly make a revolution on data processing market. Their platform aims to fix major issues which affect issues such as poor data flow, underestimation of data value and data breaches. All data is processed in an encrypted form, validity of transactions is ensured by consensus mechanism, all users of platform contact with each other through a peer-to-peer network.

To get more information about the website, visit their website,

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