With more investors joining the crypto world, there is a growing need to secure investments and offer a trusted and comprehensive risk management solution. That is why Cremit has been created. It offers a robust and researched solution that will help business owners and investors secure crypto investment.

Why Cremit Matters

As crypto continues to become popular due to incredible returns, it has emerged as a desired new class of assets that attracts all manner of investors. Since crypto was created, the blockchain technology has redefined how money is exchanged. Numerous blockchain projects provide businesses with articulate solutions to complex problems. This will make processing transactions easier and transparent.

This will continue to inspire more businesses to develop tokens, which will leave investors with a wide array of choices. There are about 42 coins with a market cap of over a billion dollars. However, it is important to remember that each investment has a risk. This is where the Cremit project comes into play. It offers a robust solution to help businesses and investors secure their investment.

The Cremit Crypto Volatility Insurance & Exchange Solution

Cremit identified a common problem that is shared by most people in the crypto community. This is the issue of securing investments. This security is mainly on covering investors from the market volatility. As a result, Cremit is creating a solution, which will help potential investors and token holders get assured of better profits since investments are secure.

Market volatility is unpredictable and many factors come into play including government regulation, market liquidity, and hacking. These factors all cause the price of crypto to rise sharply or fall suddenly. Users will be secured from such risks if they use Cremit.

This will be a major game changer since the biggest fear for all who possess altcoins is volatility. The platform will offer insurance for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other coins that have such volatility. Users will be able to claim up to 100 percent of their insurance for the insured coins. The process for getting coins insured is well defined by the project creators.

Cremit Features

Cremit has some great features such as the Smart Wallet, a crypto exchange, and payment gateway. There is even a mining farm for crypto lovers. Another unique feature is a Fixed deposit account.

The exchange will let users exchange Bitcoin and other altcoins with no fee and insurance. The platform will be able to process 200,000 orders per second. This does not just offer users a lower wait time but makes the platform scalable. The Fixed deposits are another major feature. Each deposit made to the Certificate of Deposit will come with interest rate that depends on the terms of deposit signed.

Cremit CRMT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: CRMT
  • Total Tokens: 210,000,000 CRMT
  • Tokes for the ICO: 84,000,000 CRMT
  • Token Time: July –August 2018

Token Price

  • Lot 1 – $0.50
  • Lot 2- $0.65
  • Lot 3- $0.75


  • Pre-Sale: 21 million
  • Future ICO: 63 million
  • Cremit Team: 21 million
  • Rewards and Bonuses: 21 million

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