Crestonium CXS ICO Review

As we all probably know by now, cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are decentralized and thus are not owned by any bank or government. As a result of this, they offer users with a whole host of advantages such as zero processing fee, as well as instant transactability.

Today there are over 1000 different alt coins, but there still exists a real problem of asset storage and currency leverage for day to day use.

This is where Crestonium comes in. It offers users with various advantages such as:

  • Seamless sending and receiving of digital currency at zero cost.
  • Fast transaction speeds that allow for transfers to be completed within a fraction of a second.
  • Automatic execution of pre-defined criteria/events that are subject to certain conditions.

More About Crestonium

When looked at from a technical angle, we can clearly see that the Crestonium Platform utilizes a standard OpenAPI that allows existing smart contracts to become compatible with any wallet that we may choose to use.

In addition to this, Crestonium is also offering users with a Mobile and Desktop app that connects users to the blockchain with the click of a button.

Some of the other uses of this platform include:

(i) Facilitates Day-to-Day Transactions:

As per the official company whitepaper, Crestonium possesses all of the relevant “credit card and banking licenses” that can allow it to serve as a financial hub for the blockchain ecosystem.

(ii) Connection Portal:

Crestonium provides us with a digital medium that bridges the gap between digital currencies and the real world.

(iii) Advanced Design:

The platform makes use of an advanced algorithmic protocol that eliminates unwanted transaction/ processing / executionary fees.

Why Consider This Product?

According the official website, if the value of CXS token does not appreciate beyond 150% within first 6 months of purchase, a full refund on the original deposit can be obtained by the investor. This is a pretty lucrative deal as it completely takes out the uncertainty factor from the scenario.

In addition to all this, there is also a referral system in place that can allow users to earn an extra 5% tokens everytime one of their referrals purchase any cryptos.

Hence from the outside looking in, this proposition looks pretty safe and investors can think about putting their money into this venture.

Who Is Behind The Crestonium CXS Project?

Chris Peters serves as the CEO of this venture. He has been in the startup domain for a decade, and has also been involved with other sectors including:

Chris considers himself to be an innovator, and has previously been involved with building organizations from the ground up using expansive global inclusory modules.

Similarly, Jan Stejskal is the company’s Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder. As per his LinkedIn profile, Jan is a “Blockchain entrepreneur, investor, and product visionary for digital media-related products and services”. Additionally, as per his other credentials, he has extensive knowledge within the blockchain space as well as in domains such as finance, management and modern business strategy.

Token Sale

The pre-sale has now concluded and the 1st ICO round has commenced. During this period, the price of CXS will be maintained at 0.01 BTC = 575 coins and there will also be a 15% bonus applicable on all purchases. As the rounds progress, the price of CXS tokens will increase and the overall bonus ratio will decrease.

Crestonium CXS ICO Token Allocation

  • A massive 73% of all tokens will be offered to users via the 3 ICO rounds as well as the pre sale phase.
  • 13% will be set aside and reserved for the foundation and team members.
  • 4% will be use to create a bounty program.
  • The remaining 10% will be used for the creation of a Token Reserve.

Crestonium CXS Budget Allocation

  • 55% of the raised money will go towards the completion of software modules that are not yet in their final testing phase.
  • 9% will be used to promote Crestonium to an Asian and American market.
  • 21% of the money will be used to cover for legal and other operational costs.
  • The remaining 15% will be used for the creation of a Contingency Fund.

For any other details regarding Cryptonium, users can get in touch with company reps via email.


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  1. Have you checked their team? There is little to no info about their team.
    The whitepaper is mostly marketing stuff. Nothing about how they will achieve 0% fees or anything specific in terms of technology used. Also there is no interview with any of the team members available online. So far this seems sketchy.


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