Criptotrends Learn Crypto Trends: Legit Bitcoin Trading Bots?

Criptotrends Learn Crypto Trends: Legit Bitcoin Trading Bots?

What Is Criptotrends?

This is trading platform which educates investors on how to profit from the digital currencies, even when their market values depreciate. Fundamentally, the project seeks to equip traders with technical analysis skills which they can apply in exchange for higher returns from trading virtual money.

How Criptotrends Bitcoin Trading Bots Works

As mentioned above, this platform aims to capitalize on the volatility of crypto assets. Therefore, its members benefit regardless of the direction in which a coin’s value is heading; both uptrends and downtrends.

According to Criptotrends, there are three proven steps that bear fruit when followed by cryptocurrency traders. These are:

  • Spotting support and resistance
  • Analyze the trends and plan an entry
  • Buy or sell at the appropriate time

Usually, traders make profits by establishing trends and riding along them until the lower low (LL) is reached in the case of a downtrends and a higher high (HH) when there is an uptrend.

To gain from an uptrend, the investor has to establish when the previous higher high is broken, as well as the current higher low. Once this is done, the trader moves to stop loss to the higher low. The vice versa applies to the downtrends.

Criptotrends Features And Plans

The nature of trade conducted by Criptotrends demands multiple cryptocurrency support, a feature that this platform supports. As of now, it accepts top digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, and XRP.

Since the site is entirely depends on analysis of value trends, it features a comparative line graph where users can track the history of various virtual currencies.

Criptotrends Verdict

Criptotrends seems like a genuine venture, but it is recommendable to tread carefully before fully entrusting them with your digital assets. As of now, the platform is still under scrutiny because it is relatively new to the market.