When a team of experienced codes, a few marketing specialists, and some business owners came together to formulate a solution that may be the future of farming and commerce, they came up with the idea of CropChain.

If you have ever wondered how farm crops such as vegetables, wheat, rice, and fruits get to the market, and whether there is a way to digitalize the process, then you will appreciate what Crop Chain is trying to achieve.

What Is CropChain?

When crops are produced in the farm, they often reach the consumer in the market with very little information regarding the type of crop, the conditions under which it was grown, who grew it, and how many times it changed hands between middlemen before reaching the shelves.

With Crop Chain, the consumer will be able to know exactly where the farm products come from, the conditions under which they were grown, who grew them, and their path from the farm to the shelf. With Blockchain smart contracts, the team at Crop Chain are aiming at revolutionizing how the global agricultural industry runs, and in particular how much information about an agricultural product the consumer has access to.

The primary purpose of Crop Chain is to use smart contracts on a blockchain system to connect the origin and the destination of farm product – to connect the supplier (or producer) with the consumer. The best part about this system is that it can be used to create recurring subscriptions for future contracts that make it formidable, tamper-proof, and easily verifiable.

Benefits Of Cropchain

  • Crop Chain necessitates conditions inspection that improves trust between the suppliers and consumers
  • Faster product delivery means that the consumer will receive products while they are still fresh when they need it.

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