People all over the world dream about selling and buying goods and services for fiat and cryptocurrencies. But the task is sometimes difficult. Crosspays solves that problem using blockchain technology.

What Is Crosspays?

Crosspays is the first self regulated, decentralized, global economic and social network platform.

They brings all good and services marketplaces in one place. In this way, entrepreneurs successfully overcome the different challenges created by monopolies and intermediaries and sell their projects right to the ultimate consumer.

How Crosspays Blockchain Crypto Social Network Works

Users receive income and earn by looking through the adds. Crosspays is a digital economy that uses blockchain to regulate the relationships between users with smart contracts. All trades are registered in a blockchain and prevents disonhest projects to be presented.

The members of the community will use the Crosspays token, also known as CPS. In this way, users will be able to sell, buy and provide services in any cryptocurrency, but all intra-system payments are made only using CPS tokens. CPS tokens will be freely traded on different exchanges and used online and offline all over the world.

The Crosspays platform will gather more than 150 countries and over 150 different currencies. In this way, goods and services will be sold in local and international markets for fiat or virtual currencies.

The company presents an extended roadmap that explains how the different stages of the Crosspays platform will be developed. The Beta version should be launched between the third and fourth quarter of 2018. That’s a good timing considering that others ICOs take more time to even present a product on the market.

Who Is Behind Crosspays?

The Technical Director is Aleksandr Yaroshevich, according to the official Crosspays website, ‘he put the whole his soul into the complex structure of Crosspays.’

Vladislav Zinoviev is the Strategic planner and Headmaster. Other improtant members are Anton Gaidashev, Wang Hongyun, Kirill Molev, Vyacheslav Chernov-Bak, Aleksei Tereshkov, Yaroslav Moshkov, Aleksei Zhavoronkov, Pavel Chakryan, Yury Volokhov, and Miran Bodrov.

Crosspays CPS Token ICO Details

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% for the team
  • 20% Marketing, Advertising and Bounty
  • 5% for early Investors
  • 70% for participants of the ICO

There will be 999,000,000 tokens and the price of each token will be $0.5. That’s an important number. Even when the price seems cheap ($0,5 each), the total market capitalization is almost half billion dollars. The main question that we should ask ourselves… is it worth that much?

The ICO starts on July the 2nd and finishes on August the 5th. At the same time, the pre sale starts on May the 14th and ends on June the 24th.

Crosspays Conclusion

The ICO tries to solve the problems of most of the marketplaces of good and services all over the world. It would be important to check whether there are no other similar products already being developed in the market. At the same time, there are some inconsistencies in the white paper, the website and the team that are worth paying attention at before investing.

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