The increasing activities involving cryptocurrency mining operations and especially Bitcoin have led to a sharp increase in the usage and cost of electricity. Apart from the surge in power, the increasing cost of the mining equipment is already far from the financial reach of most cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However, the provision of mining services has led to alternative sources of cryptocurrency mining options. Crowd Share Mining is an example of such service offering investors the chance to mine cryptocurrency without having to own any equipment or tool. Here's a look at how an alternative source of energy can help embark on cryptocurrency mining result

About Crowd Share Mining

Crowd Share Mining is a mining service platform that will provide multiple ways for the users to generate lifetime payments to the token holders. Their ICO backend will comprise of a mining rig that provides for a passive income for holders to earn from the mining system. Additionally, Crowd Share Mining will provide for a lending system among other developments in the future for its users.

How Does It Work?

To ensure there is an implication of the mining system, Crowd Share Mining will work through the following options

  • Neutral order: to provide impartial payments, Crowd Share Mining will use a neutral mode of payment for the investor's dividends
  • Smart Contracts: part of the mining operations works on executable smart contracts for authenticity and secure investment payouts
  • Customization: users get to customize their investment plans according to their financial capabilities

Should You Choose Crowd Share Mining?

  • Competitive advantage: Crowd Share Mining takes pride in having a straightforward engagement principle to protect users from fraud and high-operation costs
  • Advanced security: as a global platform Crowd Share Mining provides for an efficient and safe global system to cover all data security requirements on the immutable blockchain
  • Use of cheap electricity: Crowd Share Mining operates on using eco-friendly alternative sources of energy from renewable sources across Asia.
  • Lifetime profits: Crowd Share Mining should expect an ever-growing investment payout which will increase slowly and steadily over time

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CSM Token Details And Sales Information

TO provide for many lifetime dividends options, Crowd Share Mining will utilize two smart contract ERC-20 tokens, CSL and CSM. Additionally, investors get the opportunity to opt into different phases of the sale

Crowd Share Mining ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: CSM
  • Token Sale Starts: April 25, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: September 1, 2018
  • Token Price: 1CSM = $1USD
  • Total Supply: 10 Million CSM
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

Main ICO- 10th June 2018 Bonuses

  • Phase 1- 1 million CSM token with a 30% bonus
  • Phase 2- 1 million CSM tokens with 25% bonus
  • Phase 3- 1 Million CSM tokens carrying 20% bonus
  • Phase 4- 1 million CSM tokens with 15% bonus
  • Phase 5- 1 million CSM tokens with 10% bonus
  • Phase 6-2 million CSM token with 5% bonus

Initial Token Distribution

  • Public Crowdsale- 84%
  • Crowd Share Team-6%
  • Founder/Co-founders- 5%
  • Research, marketing, and development- 5%

Crowd Share Mining Conclusion

Although the concept behind Crowd Share Mining is promising, the venture is not the first of its kind. On the other hand, there is little to desire on the part of the team's information, their location and the layout of the payment dividends. The experience part is also a point of concern since a majority of the development team are relatively young. Consequently, this makes the project less viable and authentic compared to what it promises to achieve in the future. Still, Crowd Share Mining has progressive future quality.

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