What Is Crowd-Up?

Crowd-Up is designed primarily to help invest in business. It’s an equity based crowd-funding platforms that specializes in using the blockchain technology to create sophisticated yet simple smart contracts.

How Crowd-Up Crowdfunding Cryptocurrency For Business Works

Crowd-Up claims to take a smarter approach to a decentralized crowd funding platform. The point is to digitize equity so it can be used in a fast and secure manner on an efficient marketplace for local or private businesses to raise money for specific projects they have.

They apparently achieve this by taking out the market middle man that typically are found on current platforms. These middlemen could include brokers, underwriters and other centralized financial institutions.

The website is operated in a way that is similar to a venture capital fund. Investors buy into the funds when they buy other digital currency CDUs or crowd up tokens. The tokens give investors the ability to invest into companies by raising capital on the system. And by this means, they are basically in control of the buying power that funds and maintains itself in the same way angel investing does.

The funding is completely decentralized and moves faster and faster than other current financial systems. Crowd up is extremely customer based and at the same time is pushing to take care of the employees and companies themselves as well.

They work towards better security with more liquidity in their assets. Meaning they can have earlier sales if need be. The flexibility of the company is more healthy than that of the ecosystem with the current state or jam ups that happen in early stages of financing for new companies while late exits are being searched for.

Crowd-Up CDU ICO Details

The pre-sale for the ICO is said to start with a 40% discount on the tokens. It works with an international investment strategy that connect the proper parties to help them gain the most equity for their opportunity.

They also claim to be rewriting the liquidity of capital, helping it move faster to give better results and allow it to be used when its actually needed.

There will also be better security for the service sector when it comes to the blockchain technology and the clear picture using the proof ownership system.

It’s a simple way to create a divisibility of assets so you can buy less shares and count on a reliable token that is considered to be extremely flexible.

Who Is Behind Crowd-Up?

There is a massive team behind the company startup and you can see all their names. That is a good sign, but unfortunately you can look any deeper into the different people on the team when it comes to social media. That makes it a little less transparent and authentic. They also claim to be based out of London England, but that still needs to be seen as well.

Crowd-Up Conclusion

As of now, it looks to be a promising company with an expansive team. But, more information needs to be released about the team, their location and exactly what the platform does. Still, Crowd Up seems to be a better company than most of the other companies that are currently in ICO.

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