Crowd Coinage

Today our blog is going to review a company which has appeared on our radar lately and it seems like a very interesting investment: Crowd Coinage. Will Crowd Coinage be the perfect choice for you?

What Is CrowdCoinage?

Crowd Coinage is an Estonian company created to develop solutions for funding cryptocurrency business anywhere in the world. Basically, this coin serves to help other companies make successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the most important blockchain for businesses right now in the market.

The idea of the company is to accelerate the growth of the start-ups and make sure that they will be successful by offering a set of tools that will make their job easier. These are different resources and services like P2P loans or crowdfunding.

The team behind Crowd Coinage is made by Estonian developers with experience in the market: Peer Paum (co-founder and CEO), Tauno Poks (co-founder and CTO), Sven Kauber (co-founder and senior developer) and Silver Liiv (co-founder and frontend developer). The company is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

How CrowdCoinage Token Sale Crowdfunding Platform Works

The current version of the Crowd Coinage platform allows start-ups which are inscribed in the system to launch and manage their crowdfunding campaigns and even ICOs, making this a good platform for the company that wants to launch ICOs but do not know how they can do that and do not have a proper assistance.

The company plans to improve the services that it offers to its customers, like better solutions for ICO campaigns, contacts in the marketplace and the blockchain community and Estonian e-residency for their partners. Other services include P2P loans, saving deposits, insurance in case something goes wrong and manage of KYC programs.

One of the objectives of the company is to provide a complete team to assist the companies that are launching ICOs so they can be successful. By using the app, the companies can choose the right professionals to help them during the launch of their ICOs.

Finally, one of the most inventive ideas of Crowd Coinage is the concept of the Estonian e-residence. It allows foreigners from anywhere in the world to, with the help of the company, establish a digital residency in Estonia and set a company there, which can grant many advantages to the company.

The company uses excellent technology to develop its platform. The data one of the company is stored by MongoDB and its backend is powered by NodeJS.

How To invest In CrowdCoinage CCOS ICO?

If you are interested in investing in Crowd Coinage, you can do it by buying tokens during the company’s ICO. You can participate in the pre-sale of the Crowd Coinage tokens right now. The main sale will start on February 12 and it will last a month.

With 1 ETH you can buy 10,000 CCOS tokens (without bonuses). If you buy the tokens right now, you can still get 30% discount because you would be buying them during the pre-sale. The hard cap for the entire ICO is 3900 ETH.

During the sale, you will be able to use BTC, ETH and LTC to buy CCOS tokens. The remaining CCOS tokens will be destructed via smart contract after the sale is finished.

You will be able to sell your CCOS tokens 6 months after the sale if you want. You just have to find a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts them.

The CrowdCoinage Verdict

Is this company a great investment? Surely. Crowd Coinage seems to be a company with a great future. You know why? Because the people who founded the company seem experienced and capable and they are setting this company in a country in which they know they will not have any type of legal problems.

As Crowd Coinage works to make ICOs successful, you know that they actually know what they are doing in their own ICO. This makes this an excellent investment, so do not be afraid of giving this company a chance.

If you are interested in the services offered by Crowd Coinage or if you liked this as an investment to sell the CCOS tokens later, you should invest in this company. Crowd Coinage seems like a very good option for you.

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