What is CrowdPainting?

This is a decentralized social service designed to help people make money in the art industry. It’s aim it to become the largest global collaborative art service online. The entire platform is owned and operated by the artists and contributors.

How Does CrowdPainting Work?

The idea was conceptualized in 2012 by Alexandre Sallum. After years of working on the project on paper and through his head. In 2014, he made a powerful decision that he would make a move that would change everything for him. That’s when he came up with the final idea and learned the skills needed to develop the system. It took him more than nine months of hard, very intense work to see his idea come to fruition. He worked harder than he ever had in his life and that’s when the website went live.

Since the incubation and birth of the site, he’s created several different algorithms that have been utilized to optimize the entire platform for simplicity and efficiency. The algorithms work on a proprietary system that has been optimized to help artists get their work on the market. Once a painting is published and shown on the site, they can never be altered or changed. This results in a reduction of more than eighty percent of resources that need to be used to make the system operate correctly.

There are almost no resources to be spoken of that represent the marketing budget. As of now, CrowdPainting has more than 1600 artists who are registered on the platform. And there have been ore than 172 million pixels rendered and painted on the system. If printed, the paintings will be produced at 72 PPI in resolution. That’s considered to be exceptional quality and works more than 20 X10 meters in size.

As of now there are more possibilities then ever before. With the introduction of the blockchain technology, the company has already taken a step in a new direction that will likely alter the future of art. It’s a leading organization that is stepping into the future in a new way. The platform will operate autonomously without limits. The growth of the company is said to be uncapped and will happen very rapidly.

One of the most important aspect of the company is that it will offer different incentives on an economic level. The people who choose to partake in the revolution will be the ones that make the most capital gains. And it’s said to be that watching it grow is going to be one of the fun aspects of the organization.

CrowdPainting ICO is already live and the initial offer ends on January 15th of 2018. You can always see the ICO live at etherscan.io. In order to use the company, you need to simply use a sufficient wallet that will match the wallet needed to work with CrowdPainting.

Crowdpainting in Conclusion

Basically, if you’re in the cryptocurrency space, then CrowdPainting is a company that is ideal for you to invest in. They’re a brand-new organization and that means there is always a risk. But if they operate as promised, then this could be an organization that is ideal to help you accelerate your ability to make money online. You can also work the company from anywhere.

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