What Is CrowdToken?

The CrowdToken is a secure and unique token. It is a multifunctional token that is affordable and can be used for different everyday uses including buying discounted products, gaining access to information, used to pay workers and for other everyday uses. The token was created in a bid to do away with intermediaries and any organization that affects the power of the crowd, which earned the name CrowdToken. The token is transferable in the iCrowdU ecosystem.

The developers of the token aimed to create a multipurpose, multifunctional, and multidirectional token that could be used by everyone based on social contracts and one that could serve any purpose that is of interest to the crowd

CrowdToken iCrowdU Cryptocurrency Uses

ICrowdU created the CrowdToken through the Consolidated CrowdFunding model. The model gives people access to money from the crowd via the products below:

  • CrowdLending lends money to individuals or businesses
  • CrowdInvestment allows users to invest in businesses
  • CrowdRoyalty allows users to buy a percentage of future revenues in businesses
  • CrowdDonating is used to donate money to projects or businesses
  • CrowdPreSale allows for the purchase of products from businesses at discounted prices

To make the monetary transactions safer, the Consolidated CrowdFunding model is based on blockchain technology. Using decentralized applications (dApps), the model is decentralized. Two examples of the dApps used in the Consolidated CrowdFunding model are CrowdLending and CrowdInvestment.

The CrowdToken is the exclusive unit of exchange that will be used in the Consolidated CrowdFunding platform. The use of the CrowdToken will eliminate transaction costs and exchange rates. The token will also reduce transaction times and remove banking fees. The token will add security and transparency in the platform as intermediaries will be eliminated and no centralized institution will control the transactions.

Additionally, using CrowdInvestment, businesses can use the CrowdToken to tokenize their share capital. Instead of selling physical shares, they can sell the tokens as representative of shares. Businesses will find it easy to keep track of who holds the shares and investors will have liquidity and will find it easier to trade the shares. After using the CrowdToken in the iCrowdU ecosystem, the token can be exchanged to the preferred fiat currency.

CrowdToken Advantages

Enable Discounts

The token will allow iCrowdU users to get up to 15% discounts on the products they buy

Become A Member Of A Growing Ecosystem

CrowdToken holders will become members of the iCrowdU ecosystem where more sellers will offer products globally

Buy And Fund Using Cryptocurrencies

Holders of the token can use cryptocurrencies to buy products and fund projects

The Platform Uses dApps

This allows for increased user security and facilitates decentralization. More dApps are being developed for multiple CrowdToken transaction applications.

A Versatile Medium Of Exchange

The tokens can be exchanged between different holders.  Users can also use the tokens to pay or to fund companies in different ways that are available on

Limited Amount

There are ten billion available CrowdTokens. The limited number will increase the value of the token as the demand for the tokens will rise over time. Once iCrowd has created its blockchain, the token will be released until 2187.

CrowdToken CRTK ICO Details

Buying the CrowdTokens is easy as buyers are expected to complete the registration form to register on the platform. The tokens can be bought using credit cards, Paypal or other cryptocurrencies. After the payment is received, the CRTK tokens will be sent to the buyer’s preliminary wallet. A blockchain-based wallet will be made available to the buyer after. The presale of the tokens is currently underway and will end on 2nd April 2018.

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