CryoCloud ICO Review

The whole world is moving towards cloud storage. Using it almost certainly make you reliant on third parties to transfer and store data. This system has an intrinsic weakness of a trust based model. Moreover, because of the numerous storage devices being reliant on the same infrastructure, failures are correlated across the systems.

In a decentralized cloud storage network, data security can be maintained using client-side encryption,while data integrity will be maintained via a proof of retrievability. This cushions the impact of infrastructure failures and security breaches. Data on the network will be resistant to censorship, tampering, unauthorized access, and data failures.

Decentralised Cloud storage is the future of data storage and CryoCloud is one of the products that is leading this movement..

About CryoCloud

CryoCloud is a P2P cloud network which allows users to transfer and share data without any centralized third party storage provider. They do so by using client side encryption, removing the centralized aspect of usual services deals with outages and data failures, increased security, privacy and control of personal data. Splitting the user's uploads into tiny parts and piecing them back when requested, they ensure high uptime and limit weak spots that forms.

A user even gets rewards on a “Human History Archive”, which serves as a huge library of detailed information based on current historical events. This gets compiled into a free monthly issue of “This Month in Human History(TMHM)”, which is in essence a consolidated report of spectacular sights by the best rated users.

How Does CryoCloud Work?

You can upload personal files freely or attach important news around you. If users have spare hard drive space, they can use it to get extra income and become part of a large decentralized network. Users also get credited for uploading news articles or events near you. Using CryoCloud you can safely share personal data with only the people you want to, without having to think about a 3rd party company looking at them.

CryoCloud is a protocol that creates a distributed network for the formation and execution of storage contracts between peers. It enables peers on the network to negotiate contracts, transfer data, verify the integrity and availability of remote data, retrieve data and pay other nodes. Each peer is an autonomous agent who is capable of performing these actions without significant human interaction.

About the CryoCloud ICO

CryoCloudCoin (CCC) is a standard ERC20 token, which will serve as rewards to the contributors. Contributors can range from the initial investors, miners or the people who share their hard drive space for the network. Total supply is 350,000,000 of which 60% is going to the ICO, 10% for the founders, 10% put aside for coinburn and 20% for unexpected costs and exchange listings. There is no pre-ICO. You can get 65,000 CCC for 1 ETH.

Their ICO is being listed on all major tracking/rating websites.

CryoCloud ICO Conclusion

CryoCloud’s main target is to act as a human history archive which is not controlled by governments or huge business conglomerates, but by the people who are actively contributing to society. Their efforts for documenting the history inside a decentralized database will enable future generations to look back and see through humanity’s struggles, joy, failure and success.

More can be found out about them and their ICO on their website

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