Cryonics is a term that some people may be aware of because of certain movies and sci-fi tv shows. It is essentially a futuristic technology that has been designed to aid in the long-term preservation of ”tissues, organs, human beings and animals” via the use of advanced cooling techniques.

The aim of this technology is to eventually restore frozen life at a future stage in a safe and effortless manner. In a more technical sense, we can see that Cryonics deals with human preservation (after death) via the use of liquid nitrogen that helps drop temperatures to a  temperature of -196 ° C. At this point it should also be mentioned that Cryonics makes use of many different fields of science including biology, physics and chemistry.

About CryoGen CRYO

Cryogen is an all new crypto based platform that has been developed in order to fund research and development into the field of Cryonics. It will make use of RYO tokens that will be handled and operated within the legal jurisdiction of Switzerland.

Some of the key aspects of Cryogen include:

(i) Future Medicine:

According to the company’s official whitepaper, CryoGen aims to contribute towards the development of novel medicines that can help in solving issues related to ageing, dying and disease. The company is currently gaining headway in the development of a “reversible cryopreservation” unit that can help in the storage of organs and for the creation of a cryobanking system (for the purpose of transplantation).

(ii) Organ Storage:

Over a defined time period, the company aims to gradually build its resources and create an storage bank that will be used form the preservation of organs and tissues that have been grown from stem cells or created via 3D bioprinting. As a result of this, it is predicted that Cryogen will be able to help medical specialists save a lot of lives.

(iii) European Market Expansion:

The aim of the company is to gradually become a market leader in the field of cryonics within Eurasia. At this point it should be mentioned that Switzerland has been chosen as the base of operations by the company because it is one of the few countries that allow for the practice of Euthanasia.

(iv) Market Demand:

In a statistical study conducted by researchers in Europe, it was found that there currently exists a “very high demand for cryonics” within the population at large. To further elaborate on this point, we can see that nearly 25% of all KrioRus contracts have been initiated by people who live in Western European regions.

Other Details to Consider

(i) Russian Development:

According to the company’s whitepaper, Cryogen will “strengthen KrioRus’s position in Russia”. This will be done via the creation of a new R&D centre near Moscow, as well through the accelerated development of cheap and affordable nano cryonics technology.

Also, it is important to mention that Russian legislation makes is favourable for such research to take place, and thus it possible to integrate “auxiliary services such as DNA preservation, cryobanking of organs, genetic archives, etc” into the company’s base operations.

(ii) Space Research:

Another facet of this platform that is quite intriguing, is its potential in terms of space research. Through the use of the technologies being developed by Cryogen, experts are predicting that long term space travel may soon become a pertinent reality.

CryoGen CRYO ICO Token Details

To make all of the aforementioned things come true, the company will be launching a token crowdsale via which it aims to raise money to further its research. This will be done in two separate phases, namely via a: Pre-ICO and ICO. In all there will be a total of 100,000,000 tokens that will be made available. The price of purchase has been set at 1 token CRYO = 1 US dollar .

The purchased tokens can be used within the Cryo-Market for a varying number of different uses including:

  • DNA preservation – 800 CRYO
  • Neuropreservation – 16,200 CRYO for people living abroad and 13,500 for those permanently living in the Russian Federation
  • Transportation – 3000-9000 CRYO
  • Whole body cryopreservation (full-body) – 32,400 CRYO
  • Animal cryopreservation – 9000 – 32,400 CRYO (depending mainly on the size of the animal)
  • Standby services (standing by the bedside of a patient) – 45,000-90,000 CRYO
  • Launching cryonics patients into space: starting at – 180 000 CRYO.

For any further details regarding CryoGen CRYO, customers can get in touch with company officials either via email or in person (address has been provided on the homescreen of the website).

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