Cryp Trade Capital

Cryp Trade Capital is an investment company that claims to provide guaranteed returns of over 360% per year. Find out if it’s a scam, a pyramid scheme, or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What Is Cryp Trade Capital?

Cryp Trade Capital is a cryptocurrency investment service found online at Cryp.Trade. The service promises to provide a better trading experience through its platform.

Basically, Cryp Trade Capital has a number of different investment portfolios available. You can purchase the portfolio that best fits your profile as an investor. You can pick risky or safe investments, for example.

Cryp Trade Capital claims that all three of its investment profile designs are profitable, and users can expect an enjoyable and safe trading experience.

Obviously, Cryp Trade Capital all sounds good so far. However, once you dive deeper into the company, you’ll realize that they don’t really sell legitimate investments, products, or services. Instead, the company is some type of pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scheme.

The company attempts to lure customers in with promises of – no joke – earning guaranteed ROIs of 361% or more per year in exchange for just a tiny initial investment.

Cryp Trade Capital Features And Advantages

Obviously, there are a lot of red flags around Cryp Trade Capital. For the sake of investors, however, let’s take a look at some of the features and advantages advertised by the company on the official website:

Registered Company:

Cryp Trade Capital claims to be a legitimate, registered British company under the name Cryp Trade Capital Holding SL. As you’ll learn below, we can find no evidence that the company is registered as a licensed investment company in the UK, and the only office appears to be in Spain.

Automatic Platform:

The platform claims to have automated processes that “allows our clients to make deposits and receive timely payments.” It’s unclear what this exactly means, or why it’s listed as a benefit.


“Technical engineers and analysts of our company developed a unique and more importantly comfortable platform,” explains the official website in an awkward way. Yes, the word “Technology” is legitimately listed as a “feature” of this platform.


Cryp Trade Capital offers three different types of investment strategies, and the company claims that all three investment profiles are profitable. We’ll talk more about those three different “investment plans” below – but basically, they’re just different pyramid scheme memberships you’re paying for.

Cryp Trade Capital Corporate Program

Cryp Trade Capital has a program that we don’t usually see with other cryptocurrency investment platforms. The company lets you open your own Cryp Trade Capital brokerage in exchange for a $500 upfront fee and $300 maintenance fee.

Through the Cryp Trade Capital Corporate Program, you can effectively open your own corporate office that sells the company’s products and services. This program is available worldwide.

In order to open your own office, you’ll need to have a status as a “Managing Agent” as well as a turnover over $25,000. You also need to have been with the company for at least a month, and have 5 partners within the city where you plan to open your investment office.

If you qualify, you can open a physical office in your space and begin marketing your investment services under the Cryp Trade Capital name.

Cryp Trade Capital Pricing

Like most pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing scams, you’ll need to pay a hefty fee to join Cryp Trade Capital. The company lures you in with promises about high daily profits and enormous daily/monthly/yearly ROIs. Here are the three different subscription plans available:

Cryptrade Standart

  • Guaranteed ROI of 0.59% per day, 17.7% per month, and 215.35% per year
  • Minimum investment of $50, maximum investment of $4999

Cryptrade Mega

  • Guaranteed ROI of 0.79% per day, 23.7% per month, and 288.35% per year
  • Minimum investment of $5000, maximum investment of $9999

Cryptrade VIP

  • Guaranteed ROI of 0.99% per day, 29.7% per month, and 361.35% per year
  • Minimum investment of $10,000, maximum investment of $20,000

After you give your money to the company, you’ll learn about the “affiliate” program – which is listed in extensive detail on the “Careers” page. The company advertises the different levels of its pyramid scheme as different “Careers” you can achieve.

You progress through 7 levels of the pyramid, going from Investor to Agent to Senior Agent to Managing Agent. As mentioned above, once you hit Managing Agent, you can open a physical storefront for the company. Beyond Managing Agent, you can progress to the levels of Sapphire, Rubin, and Emerald. In order to progress through levels, you’ll need to recruit new people into the scam beneath you.

Who’s Behind Cryp Trade Capital?

Cryp Trade Capital doesn’t provide much information about itself online. The company claims to be a legitimate, registered British company. However, the official website lists an address in Alicante, Spain. The company also only provides one contact method: their email address at [email protected]

We can find no evidence that Cryp Trade Capital is a licensed investment company in the UK. Typically, investment companies need to meet strict qualifications to ensure they’re providing fair, trustworthy information to investors. Cryp Trade Capital has given us no proof of such qualifications.

The first mentions of the company started appearing online in February 2017. Most Google search results for the company involve accusations that it’s a scam, a Ponzi scheme, or an illegitimate investment offer.

Cryp Trade Capital Conclusion

Cryp Trade Capital advertises itself as a legitimate investment company that offers guaranteed profits and enormous returns from the world of cryptocurrency.

In reality, Cryp Trade Capital seems to have little to do with cryptocurrency. Instead, the main goal of the company is to recruit you into a pyramid scheme. You give money to the company, then start progressing through seven levels of the pyramid. At the first level, you’re banned from withdrawing your money – so the only way to withdraw your money is to progress to the second level.

Ultimately, we can find no evidence that Cryp Trade Capital is a legitimate investment opportunity that will genuinely pay you over 360% return on your investment as advertised. Instead, the company will likely disappear with your money and shut down in the near future, leaving “investors” with no recourse. You should probably avoid Cryp Trade Capital.

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