What Is CryptalDash?

CryptalDash is an online trading platform that promises to grant a trader access to the largest selection of cryptocurrencies around the world – in one place. The platform describes itself as a robust exchange platform for cryptocurrencies designed and built by veterans in the forex and cryptocurrencies industry, and appropriately equipped with an institution-grade engine.

The platform prides itself in the various third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities that has made the platform the number one choice for traders looking to execute faster trades at low spreads. This also makes it possible for individuals and businesses to execute seamless transactions between different exchanges simultaneously, and they open the door to arbitrage or better price discovery for maximum profitability.

How CryptalDash Multi-Crypto Exchange Trading Works

The CryptalDash universe is made up of two worlds with a single effective solution: The CryptalDash platform is designed to be best placed to provide the best single-access tools and interface that both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and institutional traders will find invaluable.

The platform is not only a trading platform for crypto assets, it is also a digital cross-platform that offers potent tools to use in product and price discovery. With one of the most robust matching engines in the crypto-world, CryptalDash is one of the best platform for those beginners and experienced traders.

CryptalDash Benefits

The CryptalDash cryptocurrency trading platform is built to be easy to use and more importantly, to work for both the beginner and seasoned trader. The tools incorporated on its dashboard are specifically designed to contribute to a frictionless blockchain ecosystem and crypto market through revolutionary AI price and product discovery.

The platform also boasts of an artificial intelligence enabled trading algorithms that execute orders globally at an instant. The trading market is most preferable among hobbyists and enthusiasts largely because of its intra-platform settlement, low pay trading fees, and the lifetime rewards it has for its members.

CryptalDash employs the latest technologies in the crypto industry to ensure that they deliver what they promise their customers. It uses high end tech and premium services to organize its members, distributed ledgers to track and store individual unique transactions, and an open API for flexible deployment across channels and provide an integrated user experience.

The CryptalDash platform’s smart contracts are customizable and properly executed, the blockchain is accurate and consistent with immutable records, and identity and protection is implemented using digital signatures.

CryptalDash CRD ICO Details

CryptalDash has it's own smart token called CRD. CRD was built on the Ethereum
blockchain and operated by a smart contract making this token ERC20 compliant. You can invest in their ICO now through April 14th.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $161.72B $9,104.9318 5.13% $7.47B
ETH $28.84B $270.7735 2.89% $2.3B
XRP $17.68B $0.4160 2.79% $647.7M
LTC $8.4B $134.8697 -0.48% $856.14M
BCH $7.67B $430.1508 3.56% $327.05M
EOS $6.48B $7.0520 5.70% $974.77M
BNB $4.64B $32.8967 -1.50% $228.08M
BSV $3.75B $210.0021 0.33% $120.63M
USDT $3.45B $1.0034 -0.20% $6.78B
XLM $2.49B $0.1282 2.63% $90.89M

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  1. I had invested around four days ago and from day one I am facing technical issues in logging into my account everytime I contact customer care on Zendesk of their website they are giving reasons please do that please do this and please wait for 24 hours and please wait or two hours again the problem continues which is logging in to the account once they cannot solve a simple problem of logging into website I do not know why they had so hurriedly started their ICO ? So after a lot of discussion when I had requested for refund they agreed and given me 10 days time and also when asked for reference number they had given some sort of IP address now let us see what happens. Also had anybody else faced the same problem ?

  2. They have been upfront with me and explained thst there are two seperate sign in registrations. One for the purchase and one for the exchange. They must be the same address. At least they answer and I have reciepts and see my balance. Stq ico won’t return my 400 XEM and will not give me the stq tokens I am entitled to get.

  3. You have to reregister with the exchange using the same email address you used when purchasing the tokens. You can’t just log in. They made that pretty clear. I haven’t had any issues with these guys and i participated in various phases of acquiring CRD tokens.


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