Cryptassist is a web and mobile-based application that offers users with access to all crypto related knowledge, information, and tools that will assist both beginner and expert traders to succeed in the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, Cryptassist seeks to simplify the cryptocurrency world for everyone and improve the adoption of cryptocurrencies all around the world.

The Cryptassist ecosystem integrates unique features that provide users with exceptional experiences on the platform.

Cryptassist Platform Features

Cryptassist Debit Card

Users will receive the debit card immediately they complete the registration process. The debit card is rechargeable with any of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the market. The Cryptassist application then converts the cryptocurrency selected by the users into fiat currency and the owner of the card can use the card like any other debit card.


This is an augmented reality game with real cryptocurrency rewards by locating and capturing crypto coin dropped at random and targeted locations. The game seeks to attract more users to the crypto sphere.

Multi-coin block explorer

This feature enables users to search for the transaction histories of multiple coins under one unified location, without necessarily having to use multiple blockchain explorers. This, in the end saves users time and resources.


Cryptassist has a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is user friendly and offers a delightful trading experience for both experienced and beginner traders.

Cryptassist Chatpay

This Dapp enables to users to send encrypted messages to their contacts, receive funds or locate other Cryptassist users and purchase products and services from them.

Other Important Features

Cryptstarter: This innovative cryptocurrency crowdfunding feature enables users to raise funds for their projects. It also enables investors to make investments in cryptocurrency.

Cryptassist OTC: To enable risk free trading, Cryptassist will offer escrow services for crypto traders who sell top altcoins as well as those who sell altcoins that are not tradable anymore.

Cryptassist Freelancer: This feature links businesses or individuals who can work together on online crypto projects.

Trading Solutions: Cryptassist will simplify trading through this tool, which will perform lengthy calculations on behalf of the traders and present the data in a clear and organized manner.

CTA coins: The application’s utility token is the CTA. The tokens provide users with access to Cryptassist and enable them to pay for all the services offered within the application.

Benefits of Cryptassist

Knowledge Cryptassist will gather knowledge and information that will enable traders to make informed decisions, which will enable them to make profits from the knowledge of market trends.

Secure: Cryptassist implements blockchain technology that records and protects all the transactions thereby making them immutable and inaccessible by third parties.

Accessibility: Information on the platform is presented clearly and in a comprehensive, which simplifies the process of analyzing and utilizing the data.

Technology: Through the application, users can access crypto technology and information schemes that are not accessible to other crypto users and traders.

Parameters of the ICO

  • Token: CTA
  • Token Protocol: S-Scrypt
  • ICO Date: 28th June – 11th August 2018
  • Token supply during ICO: 6.75 B CTA
  • Token Price: $0.05
  • Hard cap: $236.25 M USD
  • Soft Cap: $36.98 M USD
  • Accepted payment methods: Fiat, By bank wire or PayPal, top 100 cryptocurrencies as listed on CoinMarketCap

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