Cryptectum TECTUM

Cryptectum seeks to use blockchain technology to refine the way investment in real estate is done. Cryptectum applies the Swiss model of investing in real estate which often gives high returns and carries a relatively low level of risk.  Cryptectum acquires properties through crowd funding then rents them out for a profit. Their crowdfunding is slated for 18th February 2018.

Cryptectum Business Model

Basically Cryptectum collects funds through crowdfunding then invests it in the Switzerland real estate market. The rental income collected from these properties is then distributed among the investors. The reason of investing in the Switzerland real estate industry is because mortgages in this country are lowly priced.  Such low rates encourage investment in real estate through mortgages.

Cryptectum intends to come up with funds through crowdfunding. The shares will be distributed using Blockchain technology.  In essence, participants purchase the Tectum tokens which are then distributed. Cryptectum uses the Ethereum blockchain since it has a provision for smart contracts which allows for creation of wallets.

Cryptectum Blockchain Real Estate Company Roadmap

The following are important timelines in the Cryptectum calendar:

  • 30/12/2017 – Completion of website development
  • 15/01/2018 – Completion of the programming the smart contract
  • 18/2/2018 – Start of crowdfunding
  • 9/4/2018 – Converting Cryptectum into Cryptectum AG
  • 4/2018 – The first vote using smart contracts
  • 5-6 2018 – Purchase of the first property
  • 6/2018 – Accounting on the web
  • 7/2018 – Start of profit distribution

Cryptectum TECTUM ICO Token Distribution

The token is known as Tectum with a total of 1.5 million tokens available for distribution. 85% of these tokens are available through crowdfunding at the mvalue of $1 per Tectum. Basically, as an investor you get to invest in Switzerland real estate for as little as one dollar.

6 % of the tokens will be used for marketing while 3% of these tokens will be reserved for bounty campaigns. The remaining 6% will go towards administrative and other 3rd party services.

Cryptectum’s Smart Contract

As earlier mentioned, Cryptectum will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain that utilises smart contracts. The Tectum token corresponds to the ERC20 standard. According to the smart contract, the following will be upheld:

  • Crowdfunding will be carried out using a Multisignature wallet that’s connected to the contract
  • Administrators get a chance to submit proposals to allow voting rights from participants.
  • Participants also get a chance to vote on proposals and prevent tokens from being sold once voting is done.
  • Cryptectum can purchase tokens from the market which are then distributed amongst the participants.

Cryptectum Fees

Since tokens will be purchased using the blocchain, costs for all the participants will be kept on the low. There will be no much competition among participants and asset management will be quite easy due to the use of the blockchain.

Since searching for the ideal real estate investment opportunity is a time consuming affair, Cryptectum will earn 3.5% of the price of the property purchased.An administrative fee of 8.7% will be charged on the total income earned. Profit distribution will be done using the amount of tokens held. For any token holder, there will be an advantage of increased liquidity.

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