Crypteiro (EIRO) is a high yield investment program (HYIP). This platform claims to offer 20% returns over 15 days for all deposits, with a 1% change every 3 hours.

Crypteiro is built on the Telegram platform, which is a popular chat and social networking service. With Crypteiro using Telegram, this means you will need to create a Telegram account to register and deposit funds.

Users do not use a username or password to sign up with Crypteiro, as people use their Telegram IDs to perform actions on the platform.

Getting Started With Crypteiro (EIRO)

To get started with Crypteiro, the first thing is to authorize your Telegram account to work with the platform. This can be done by scanning a QR code with your mobile device, or by clicking the link on Crypteiro’s homepage named “Login with Telegram.”

The next step is to authenticate your account to work with Crypteiro, which can be done by messaging its Telegram bot @crypteiro_bot. Trades can be made through both the web interface and Telegram app.

Accepted Payment Methods Of Crypteiro

Investments with Crypteiro can be made from the following currencies:

The individual payment limits of each currency can be seen on Crypteiro’s website under the how-to section.

Crypteiro Investment Plans

There are 2 plans to choose from with Crypteiro.

Depositary Plan

Can be joined with a $50 deposit (0.005 BTC) for 15 calendar days. The Depositary plan offers a 1% interest payment made every 3 hours throughout the term of investment. Through compounding interest, this would accumulate to a total of 8% interest per day, or a 120% total return on investment. The principal is included in earnings, and is not sent back by Crypteiro as a different payment upon expiry.

Investors can have a maximum of 120 accruals total with the Depositary Plan.

Savings Account

The Savings Account claims to offer investors more flexibility and control over their investments than the Depositary Plan, although the potential returns are lesser. The Savings Account by Crypteiro has no expiry date, which means that investors could be paid as long as their investments stay in the website.

An advantage of opening a Savings Account is that investors can withdraw their principal at any time. Investments with the Savings Account start at $50, and involves buying Crypteiro’s currency named the EIRO. The potential monthly returns for the Savings Account are between 5% and 15%. Another benefit of the Savings Account is that they are credited with profits every hour, compared to every 3 hours with the Depositary plan.

The maximum deposit for the Savings Account is $20,000.

Withdrawing Funds From Crypteiro

It’s claimed that all withdrawal requests on the platform are processed instantly. However, Crypteiro reserves the right to delay withdrawals up to 6 hours in the case of unstable payment systems.

It’s therefore important to double check network status of a payment before depositing funds. If an withdrawal is stopped due to security reasons, the next course of action is to make a request to the platform’s technical support team.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $1 for Perfect Money, Payeer and ADV Cash. And 0.005 minimum for BTC, BCH and ETH.

How Does Cryptoeiro And Its Internal EIRO Currency Work?

On Cryptoeiro’s website, it states that the platform is supported by its own currency known as the EIRO. The EIRO is used when investors sign up to the Savings Account. An investor’s money is exchanged from whatever fiat or cryptocurrency they used to the EIRO.

Unfortunately, there is no information provided on why or how the EIRO is used on the Cryptoeiro platform.

However, the company does state that it leverages a system of “neural networks” that presumably trades on the investor’s behalf. But, the actual mechanics of how the system is able to increase one’s investments is not described fully on the website.

The company does state that its neural network is capable of regulating the cost of EIRO depending on system activity, which then regulates the platform’s prices. This apparently allows for both safe and fast interactions with Crypteiro with its multi-currency portfolio of investments and coins.

EIRO is leveraged via an EPS (Electronic Payment System) and other cryptocurrencies that are claimed to create an effective trading environment.

The company’s Telegram and neutral network is the intellectual property of the British company Crypteiro LTD, with registration number #11093273.

Is Cryptoeiro Investment Tools & Guide Legitimate?

Despite the nebulous description given by the founders of Cryptoeiro, it appears to have attracted some investors already. The site’s homepage features a live system broadcast of each referral, withdrawal, and deposit that goes through the website. The fact that users can see activity as it happens on the platform could be s a positive sign. Investors can also view how many investors and deposits there have been below these statistics.

Cryptoeiro Summary

It is hard to know for certain if Cryptoeiro is a legitimate investment opportunity. Although the company shows its deposits and withdrawals on its company home page, there are no guarantees that the platform will stick around forever. Also, most of these HYIPs are nothing more than Ponzi schemes, regardless of the underlying technology that sits behind them.

For these reasons, it’s therefore important to tread with caution when investing your money into Cryptoeiro or any other platform. These sites can disappear without warning, taking your earnings along with them.

In short, Cryptoeiro is supported by some interesting technology with its neural networks and EIRO currency, but these things are not enough to guarantee the safety of its investor’s funds.

Always be careful when dealing with any investment opportunity, especially HYIPs like Cryptoeiro.

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