Cryptency is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows anyone to start their own cryptocurrency trading brokerage. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Cryptency?

Cryptency, found online at, is a full brokerage solution. If you want to start your own cryptocurrency brokerage website online, then you can use the Cryptency platform to do so.

You can browse a demo today to get a look at Cryptency’s top features. Once you’re ready to implement Cryptency yourself, you can buy the company’s turn-key, white label solution and launch your own brokerage – or implement Cryptency into your existing brokerage.

Cryptency was launched in August 2017. Today, the platform is used by brokers around the world. The founding team behind Cryptency has collectively founded 400+ brokerages together.

Cryptency Features

Cryptency’s core features include:

Exchanger: This is Cryptency’s dedicated technology for anyone who wants to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency directly with no commissions or fees.

Coindex: Cryptency’s Coindex lets you trade, exchange, and analyze cryptocurrency markets over a web and mobile trading platform. You can access 800+ tradeable assets along with direct order routing to all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

CRM: Cryptency has an integrated smart CRM platform that makes it easier for brokers to manage their customers. Using Cryptency’s CRM platform, brokers can manage the entire relationship from one place, including fully customizable and smart conversion funnels, integrated KYC checks and procedures, and more.

Liquidity: Cryptency offers liquidity, aggregation, execution, and customized market making solutions. Whether you’re a broker dealer, a fund manager, or a professional trader, Cryptency promises to have you covered.

Feed: Get access to cryptocurrency trading using an aggregated liquidity feed from major cryptocurrency exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, and Bitfinex.

Full Feature Set: Cryptency is completely customizable and comes with advanced charting and analytics tools. It also supports multi-screen view with detachable charts, advanced order types like stop and limit orders, integrated watch lists, alerts, news, and research, and multi-threading for hyper speed. Cryptency users can also participate in ICOs.

Cryptency’s KYC Process

One of the major headaches for a new brokerage is implementing KYC procedures. Cryptency claims that KYC has never been easier thanks to their platform, which takes all of the hassle out of customer onboarding. Some of the core features of the KYC process include:

  • Built and integrated directly into the trading platform
  • Customers can upload documents with one click
  • Full registration form capabilities inside the platform
  • Set your brokerage’s KYC and document requirements, then let the platform take care of the rest
  • Optimize onboarding with the ability to lock sections based on KYC progress
  • Create an optimized KYC onboarding funnel with custom messages to encourage user progress through the KYC procedures

The Cryptency Back Office And CRM

Like all good brokerage platforms, Cryptency has a back office and CRM solution that helps you control all aspects of the platform – from users to the platform’s white labeling. Some of the key features of the Cryptency back office and CRM include:

  • Track and manage contacts from lead to customer, allowing you to give salespeople the information they need for a precise follow-up
  • Integrated email and easy collaboration
  • Personalized pitches to individual customers based on their account, activity history, and connections

Overall, Cryptency wants to help brokers avoid spending too much time on administrative duties.

Who’s Behind Cryptency?

Cryptency was created by a team of fintech professionals in July 2017. The team realized there was a big problem in the crypto industry: it was difficult to find a liquidity provider that brought all exchanges and coins together into a stable, liquid, and easily tradable environment. It was also difficult to find institutional grade tools and platforms – like the ones seen in traditional financial markets.

In August 2017, Cryptency launched its margin trading platform for the first time. That platform was plugged into a consolidated crypto liquidity feed, placing 800+ coins in one screen. By September, Cryptency had signed its first crypto brokerages. Today, they claim they’re scrambling to keep up with interest in their platform.

Key members of the team include Sami Mana (Co-CEO), and Itali Novak (Co-CEO). Sami and Itali have spent 10+ years in the fintech industry and have launched over 400 brokerages together.

The company is registered in Cyprus.


Cryptency is a turnkey, white-label solution for crypto brokerages. If you want to start your own brokerage while tapping into a liquidity pool, then Cryptency can help. The platform was launched earlier in 2017 to provide institutional grade tools and platforms to the crypto industry.

To learn more about Cryptency, visit the platform online today at

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