Cryptocurrency has been received with a lot of positivity. Investors who are awed by this innovation have invested in digital coins while others have set up startups that are based on blockchain technology. The number of Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) is constantly rising and this trend is expected to continue. However, despite this growth in the industry, there are existing challenges experienced by miners, cryptocurrency holders and startups.

Crypto Industry Challenges Crypterra Seeks To Solve

In the current cryptocurrency ecosystem, the mining of digital coins consumes a lot of electricity. Research shows that the mining of bitcoin and Ethereum together consume more power than countries such as Syria, Jordan, and Iceland. The owners of exchanges around the world face increased transaction time. They also lack resources to acquire costly equipment for mining and for setting up the exchanges. Additionally, they are faced with restrictions from different countries legislation.

The cryptocurrency holders and miners are also faced with challenges as they lack advanced technologies to mine. They also lack enough funds to mine the digital coins. Security systems are also complex and require a lot of money to set up to prevent hacking and other security breaches. Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile investment, and the market conditions are also constantly changing making it difficult to know the expected returns of the investments by investors who hold the coins.

Most startups cannot afford to create the expensive and reliable infrastructure needed in the crypto industry and startups that successfully start eventually collapse. There is also the high risk of not getting a return on their investments due to the volatility of digital coins. Additionally, the media hype on blockchain technology has led to many investors choosing to invest in blockchain technology. This has increased the number of competitors in the industry. Most of the investors also lack sufficient industry knowledge and support, as there are very few established and successful crypto-based organizations.

The Crypterra Decentralized Blockchain Islands Solution

Crypterra offers the solution to these problems. After marketing and engineering researcher, the developers of Crypterra concluded that there was a need for a cryptocurrency infrastructure that was independent. One that does not load on the main energy supplies and is not affected by various government laws and regulations. The result was the development of Crypterra.

Crypterra is a decentralized network made up of independent islands that have their power supply and infrastructure. Cypterra is not dependent on government control or their regulations. The network of islands is arranged such that in case of a cryptocurrency market crisis, the stakeholders and investors will not lose their investments. The independent islands will have land and infrastructure that can convert into high tech projects.

The infrastructure built by the platform does not depend on the general power supply. The ecosystem has an independent ecosystem of power supply that generates electricity from natural resources. The platform capital is also protected, and the personnel and equipment used by the investors are also protected from technological and adverse climatic conditions. The ecosystem will also have a communication system that will have broad channels that will be used to control communication everywhere. The platform will also build its hardware, management software, and its farms. The system will also have a strong and secure system that will prevent attackers such as hackers and other security threats.

Crypterra CPTX ICO Details

The ICO is already underway having started on 1st March. It will end on 2nd July 2018. The total CPTX tokens available are 600,000,000 tokens, and 50% of the tokens are available in the token sale.

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