What Is Crypterval?

Crypterval is a platform for Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps in setting up recurring cryptocurrency trading in order to execute them automatically in predefined intervals by use of the users existing exchange.

The recurring investment in an asset is in line with the dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy, which is a strategy whose goal is to reduce the impact brought about by volatility on huge purchases of digital assets.

How Crypterval Automated Dollar Cost Averaging Crypto Trading Works

The platform aims at reducing the risk of loss that may be incurred while investing the whole lump sum immediately before the market falls by using Dollar cost averaging, which helps in dividing the full amount that was to be used for investment by users into small equal amounts that are displayed to the market at regular intervals. This technique is used by the platform for investments that are going through temporary declines since only a part of the entire sum is exposed to the decline.

Through the technique, the platform is able to reduce the average cost of digital assets that users buy. Since the number of digital assets that can be purchased for a fixed amount varies with their price, the technique allows for the purchase of more assets when prices are low and few when the prices are high. The technique, therefore, allows for the lowering of the total average cost per asset for the investment hence the investor is presented with a lower overall cost for the digital assets they purchase over time.

The developers of the platform made the whole process of the platform automatic by use of APIs and exchanges provided like GDAX. The platform allows anyone anywhere to be involved in setting up a trade by selecting the exchange they want to use like GDAX for their currency, the amount to be used for investment and the interval of the investment that is every day, monthly or any other interval then the investment is set to go.

Crypterval Benefits


Crypterval is cheaper than coinbase in that there is a daily recurring £10 available for a period of thirty days by use of GDAX exchange and crypterval that amounts to 75p per month, which is very low.

Hedge Against Volatility

The platform allows its users to follow the ‘dollar-cost averaging’ technique used for its operations. This technique limits the users from being exposed to the volatility of new digital assets available on the market. Users are not able to miss out no matter the price of the assets.

Anxiety Free Automation

Users are given an opportunity to take a long term investment by using the HODL approach in the operations as well as trading smaller amounts regularly over time thus the anxiety of checking the prices of the market regularly is eliminated.

The User Is In Control

The user is in total control of his funds on the platform. The decision in terms of increasing the daily-invested amount and the period of investment is based on them. Users can solely participate in the creation and activation of recurring trades at any time they wish.

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