About CryptF

CryptF is a simple mechanism one can use to invest in crypto currency. It uses affordable CryptF coins and tokens that are easy to invest in the traditional stock exchange. Investors can use Bit coin cash or Bit coin for purchases and bonuses are awarded independently.

Why Invest in CryptF

  1. We create a profitable and reliable way to invest in crypto currency. This is by being able to invest in any of the three CryptF coins or by additional coins granting you access to bonds and new stock.
  2. ICO investment will accelerate strategic marketing required for coins growth and circulation. The funds raised are used to develop our products, create infrastructure, support coin liquidity, and organize crypto-exchange trading.
  3. 40% of the acquired profit will be evenly distributed on quarterly bases among token holders.

CryptF Tokens

CRFT tokens don’t expire and their owners earn quarterly. Each token is transferred using CRFT smart-contract to ETH. After completion of ICO, sold tokens are automatically traded on crypto-exchanges. In case there are unsold tokens, they are usually disposed of. The initial token price is 0.01 ETH per token. During ICO, 21% of the tokens are reserved by the company, 70% are available for sales and 9% maintained at the team pool.

CryptF ICO Stages

CRFT token sales take place in four stages, they include pre-ICO. ICO Ist round, ICO 2nd round, and ICO 3rd round. So as to ensure that CRFT tokens don’t lose value in the crypto – exchange, the token volume is limited. It’s possible to reserve tokens which attract 5% bonus.

CryptF ICO Process

Pre- ICO begins on 13th December. To purchase funds can be transferred in Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoins. Details on the transactions will be published on the CryptF website.

In case you are using a non- Ethereum crypto currency, it’s important to create a transaction account to be used to receive CRFT tokens. However, Purchases don’t have to be made with ETH, CRFT can automatically be transferred to the ETH payee address.

Advantages of CryptF Coins

  • The coin price is equal to the current linked investment.
  • Investments are affordable since the minimum coin purchase is 0.01.
  • It easier to purchase Crypt F coins rather than bonds and stocks on a traditional exchange.
  • CrtyptF accounts are conducted with maximum security, verified reports, and great transparency.
  • Purchasing CryptF coins enable to keep your crypto assets for the shortest time you would like. We are not concerned with the extreme vulgarity of crypto currencies.
  • CryptF coins match the current securities at the market price since they are created via physical replication.

How Does CryptF Coin Work?

Crypto coins can be compared to block chains that have been mainly based on a collective investment. Coins are traded like in any other crypto exchanges and they can be purchased by anyone.

They provide a simpler manner of trade and an alternative to the traditional stock exchange. Through CryptF one can reach international markets such as Japan, UK, and the US. Investments are open to any amount the investor is comfortable with.

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