When it comes to trading and simply managing crypto assets, difficulties may arise due to the existence of several crypto exchanges and wallets, hence, more storage capacities. Why might this be a difficulty? For the most part, investors will have to recall their usernames and passwords, and ensure that they are fully aware of all of their holdings as well as which platform they are currently stored in. CryptFolio claims to simplify multi-account holders, let’s take a closer look at how it achieves this.

What Is CryptFolio?

CryptFolio has been proclaimed as a web-based platform that enhances one’s crypto-trading experiences and portfolios. The platform was created with the intentions of effectively managing one’s portfolio, and this can be done using its analytical data, charts and information regarding crypto performance.

To increase understandability, the platform was designed to house several features including “different currencies, periods, resolutions and layouts.” Its emphasis on security is also praiseworthy and to achieve this, the team allegedly stores investor’s data at SOC 2 facilities. The trading platform also promises to use “read-only credentials” and ensures that its overall design can contribute to one’s financial success.

What Tokens & Crypto Exchanges CryptFolio Supports

As per the CryptFolio team, the platform currently supports a wide range of tokens, from popularly accepted ones to recently launched ones. According to their statistics, the platform houses over 2,428 tokens, with support for fiat currencies sitting at 160, and Ethereum-based tokens, 413.

CryptFolio currently supports over 21 wallets including well-established exchanges like BitStamp, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Poloniex and more. On July 27, 2018, CryptFolio announced that it will be supporting “GDAX/Coinbase Pro Accounts.” In other words, investors who use the trading platform to manage his or her crypto holdings can now verify their GDAX balances as well.

As for how one can get started, investors are simply encouraged to sign up at:

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