As the popularity of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trade increases in the public eye, a resurgence of consumer interest in Bitcoin mining has most certainly occurred as well. Cryptocurrency mining is the process of earning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin by confirming and verifying transactions on the blockchain. Because of the highly technical nature of the process, this requires significant technological resources.

To account for the public demand for an accessible, easy way to get involved in the mining process, hundreds of Bitcoin group-mining services have offered to allow consumers to buy into their mine, earning dividends corresponding to the success of the mining process over extended amounts of time. In a sense, putting money into a bitcoin mining group is an investment.

CrypticMax is one such promising service. Based out of the United Kingdom, the company’s model promises investors consistent returns, with higher investment packages yielding larger dividends over time.

How Does CrypticMax Work?

The first important consideration to keep in mind is the way that CrypticMax is able to promise its investors guaranteed returns on their investments. When an investor puts money into the company, they leave it for as long as they like. While the cryptocurrency is in the hands of the mining company, the investor is given regular payments as percentages of their initial investment.

There are three investment categories, all of which promise recurring profits for as long as they money remains invested in CrypticMax accounts.

The lowest return percentage is 7% daily. The minimum deposit for this category is .003 BTC, and the maximum is 2 BTC. Additionally, investors are given the opportunity to cashout instantly.

Next, a 2.000001 BTC investment places the investor into the 10% daily return category. Again, these investors are given access to instant cashouts. The maximum for this level is 7 BTC.

Finally, investors willing to spend 7.000001 BTC, but less than 50 BTC, are placed in a category returning 15% of their initial investment daily, with promised instant cashouts.

CrypticMax provides investors with a way to get involved in the mining business without having to go through the trouble of fighting technology in their own setup.

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