The crypto market never sleeps, so with a good investment expect to make some good cash every minute. But from our view, Cryptics.Biz is not the right investment for you. The company claims it is one of the very few that has the possibility of getting you higher income and stable growth during the down economy. Which is something, not even the big companies we know of have been able to deliver.

What Is Cryptics?

The company boast of having a speedy money transfer platform to all the payment systems. You will get your money with no hidden costs. They have also tried to establish a user-friendly interface to lure in more investors to their platform.

When you invest about $10, they have pledged to offer a 1% interest daily for the next 30 days. If you would want to gain a more significant return of about 1.5% daily for the next 90 days, the minimum investment is $10000.

In our view, for $10000 better returns are being offered in safer investment plans as a return of 1.5% seems a little on the low side

Cryptics HYIP For Earning Bitcoin Conclusion

The platforms return is very low as their better rates being offered in the market. Also having just 50 users currently with no amount paid, the investment platform just raises a lot of red flags. The total amount that has been invested so far is about $595, so we are not the only ones skeptical about this platform.

Best advice is not to invest and stay clear of it.


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