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Cryptics claims to be the world’s first public crypto analytics based on artificial intelligence. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Cryptics?

Cryptics, found online at, aims to help investors make intelligent decisions in the large and confusing world of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning models to make smarter predictions about cryptocurrency markets. The platform takes data from a variety of sources online – like news websites, exchanges, and social media – to make informed decisions about the future direction of a particular cryptocurrency.

Cryptics also has a copy trading feature where you can copy the activities of top investors and funds on the platform. You can open a fund on the platform while taking advantage of all Cryptics analysis and forecasting tools.

Overall, Cryptics claims to be “the ultimate decision assistant.” With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Cryptics Work?

Cryptics is a decentralized platform fully based on artificial intelligence. It’s a self-learning neural network that analyzes all available data from various sources – including major news websites, cryptocurrency exchanges, social media websites, and more. It combines this data with its own mathematical models and algorithms to make intelligent predictions about the future of cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, there are a number of companies that make similar promises with their automated trading robots and AI models. What makes Cryptics different? Well, Cryptics claims that its system has a minimum 64% accuracy. Another unique advantage is that you can scan through a list of the best performing funds on the Cryptics platform, then copy the trades made by those funds to replicate their performance.

To choose a fund, you scan through the list of available funds on the Cryptics network. You can compare funds based on your desired risk/reward profile. Hit subscribe, then wait for the trade results.

To be clear, Cryptics won’t create its own investment fund (they want to avoid potential conflicts of interest). Instead, users will have the chance to create private funds, get capital support from investors, and manage funds on behalf of investors. Furthermore, each user can publicly open his or her portfolio or share it with other users, then earn a percentage of the profit based on the number of people copying that portfolio.

There are three core parts of the Cryptics ecosystem, including analysis, forecasting, and funds.


The Cryptics analysis tool will collect data from multiple sources, then provide an optimal number of quantitative indicators to evaluate the cryptocurrency selected by a customer. It will take into account things like total market cap, total circulating supply, number of active markets, total sales, volume, and percentage of market cap, as well as factors like events and moods of the market, number of market players, history, and more. From your Cryptics user account, you’ll be able to see the results of trading and the efficiently of forecasts. You’ll also be able to see what data was used to compile each analysis report.


Cryptics forecasting will use non-quantitative data from selected lists of news sources and social networks (unlike the analysis feature, which uses quantitative data). This produces sales forecasting charts for a selected cryptocurrency in a specific time frame. Cryptics develops algorithms to predict changes in the value of different cryptocurrencies, with a minimum accuracy of 62% of major cryptocurrencies (like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.).


Cryptics will not create its own investment fund. Instead, it will allow users to create their own investment fund on the platform. Investors can create private funds, get private support from investors, and manage their funds (or just manage their own portfolio) to increase profits. Or, users can publicly open their portfolio and share it with other users, then earn commissions based on the number of people copying that portfolio. Cryptics gives its users a decentralized fund management platform where they can manage funds in automatic or semi-automatic mode while taking advantage of the analysis and forecasting tools within the platform.

Cryptics Features

Cryptics advertises all of the following features:

Better Knowledge Sharing: Cryptics aims to close the gap between knowledge and capital on a P2P basis, helping to push the crypto markets onto the same level as the world economy.

Decentralized Data Collection: The Cryptics P2P network collects data from blockchain and off-chain sources.

Influencer and Top Trader Data: Collect data from the best crypto traders on the market, then copy their activity.

Machine Learning: Cryptics’s machine learning models ensure that the platform gets smarter every day, which means your next forecast will be smarter than the last.

Customizable: You can customize Cryptics to set your goals and tactics to get custom forecasts.

PR and Social Signals: Collect and analyze unofficial information from relevant sources.

Only Vital Information: Cryptics shows you only the most important information about each cryptocurrency so you can make an informed market choice with minimal noise.

The Cryptics Token Sale

The Cryptics initial token sale (ITO) will start on March 8, 2018. The company will release Cryptics tokens (CRP) to finance the development of the platform.

A total of 66 million Cryptics tokens will be available through the crowdsale out of a total supply of 100 million CRP. 31% of tokens will be dedicated to founders, advisors, and partners, and 3% will be dedicated to bounties.

The cost of 1 CRP will be approximately $0.40 during the token sale (or the equivalent of ETH at the time the sale begins).

Cryptics Conclusion

Cryptics is a multi-featured artificial intelligence platform that aims to provide smarter analysis for the crypto community. The platform offers three core functions, including analysis, forecasting, and fund management. You can access the analysis and forecasting tools to determine where a particular cryptocurrency may be headed in the future. You can also launch a fund through the platform. You can launch a fund then accept money from investors, for example, or you can open your own fund to the public as a copy fund, then receive a reward based on the amount of capital copying your portfolio.

To learn more about Cryptics, visit online today at The token sale for CRP tokens begins in March 2018.

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