is a new blockchain platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that was created to be a high-energy launchpad for what is described on the site as “psychedelic blockchain ventures”. In short, Cryptizens is a new, if somewhat small, blockchain platform for businesses to create decentralized apps on.

What is

This rather small platform has appeared online in 2018, so it is rather new. According to the site, its creator is Thomas Vanderstraeten, a Belgian tech entrepreneur that acts the founder and CTO of the company and of another company called

It looks like Thomas is still a young entrepreneur and that his team is not very big (that is, if he has a team).’s site is not very helpful, either, as it does not present a lot of information about the project, only a few links.

Cryptizens Thomas Vanderstraeten's Blockchain Ventures Programs

There is a list of the main programs that already exist using this company’s technology on its site. There is Seraphin, which is Thomas’ own project. It is a blockchain-based insurance ledger that uses a proof of concept technology.

Another dapp is Urban Crypto Bounty Hunt, which makes you run around Brussels, Belgium’s capital, to find free Ethereum hidden in places and it has a promotional nature. is a dapp made to explore the world with a flying particles map.

Other dapps include Aragon Organization, Etherlearn, A Fistful of Satoshis, Cryptorun Brussels,, Smart Contracts 101, Ethereum Mom, CryptoHoax, and Walden Insurance.

Most of the apps seem to come from Belgium, which is homeland of the creator. There have very diverse functions and can be used for different types of business or activities. This is a proof that this blockchain is varied and has a different number of uses.

Can I Invest In Cryptizens?

Nope. At the moment there is no way to invest in this platform or to generate any type of profit from it that does not involve creating your own app there. If that is what you are interested in, however, the code from Cryptizens can be found on Github, so you can use its API to create your own decentralized app based on this platform. Verdict

While there seems to be some interesting project on this blockchain already, we are not too hopeful about its future. Cryptizens is small. Unlike Ethereum, which is huge, and even other 10 options that you can find and will be considerably bigger, is rather small and it will hardy not be anymore because it is not exactly very original.

If you are planning to use this technology for your business, think twice and decide for a kind of technology that will have more widespread use and that you know that will stick around for a long time so you will not have to worry if the platform is abandoned or something like this.

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