Crypto Advantage promises to teach you how to earn $100 per hour or more just by downloading an eBook. Find out how you can get rich quick today in our review.

What is Crypto Advantage?

Crypto Advantage is cryptocurrency trading software that analyzes the world’s financial markets 24/7. In an effort to sell that software to you, Crypto Advantage has launched a new landing page where they’re giving away an eBook for free.

That eBook is titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Currency”. In order to claim your eBook, all you need to do is enter your first name, last name, and an email address. Then, you’ll need to enter your phone number (and verify that phone number with a text message). If you do all of those steps, then you will have successfully signed up as a Crypto Advantage member, at which point you can download your eBook.

Crypto Advantage might seem to be a legitimate trading software. However, the software appears to be promoted by the same crowd that’s pushing sleazy binary options trading platforms, pyramid schemes like Bitconnect, and other notorious bitcoin-related scams online. That doesn’t necessarily mean Crypto Advantage is a scam, but you should be wary any time someone promises to make you rich quick with no effort required.

What Will You Learn in the Crypto Advantage eBook?

Crypto Advantage describes its eBook as – no joke – the “best eBook of 2017”. The book promises to teach you how to earn $100 per hour or more from the cryptocurrency markets.

Overall, the book breaks down cryptocurrency trading basics in an easy-to-understand way. It’s a brief overview of how cryptocurrency trading works, how you can make money through altcoin trading, and how to analyze price movements in the industry.

The book is catered to beginners, including people who have heard about the moneymaking opportunities in the space, and want to participate – but don’t know how to get started. The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Currency wants to teach you how to make money through cryptocurrency trading.

Ultimately, the eBook isn’t overly insightful. Remember: it’s a free eBook anyone can download online in exchange for an email address and phone number. The main goal of the eBook is to get you to sign up for Crypto Advantage, a subscription-based service that analyzes the financial markets.

How Does Crypto Advantage Work?

Crypto Advantage promises to provide cryptocurrency traders with the advantage they need to generate profits through cryptocurrency markets. It comes in the form of software. You download and install the trading software, then use the information provided in that software to gain insight into the crypto world.

The Crypto Advantage website mentions a mobile app for Android and iOS. However, the links to either app are left blank – so the apps do not appear to be listed on the app stores at this time.

Crypto Advantage is more than just a trading signals software. The software has automated trading systems that promise to generate profits on your behalf. As mentioned above, the website advertises earnings of $100 per hour – even if you’re a novice trader.

The trading signals provided in Crypto Advantage are ridiculously simple. This isn’t some in-depth analysis of everything related to a currency. Instead, you just look up a currency like Ethereum in the app/software. Then, you can see a call/put indicator scale. You might see that Ether has a 67% put recommendation and a 33% call recommendation. This recommendation is based on the opinion of “overall traders”.

There isn’t much depth to the software beyond this page. It’s just a basic overview of community sentiment for the currency at this time.

If you decide to buy or sell that cryptocurrency, you can enter your desired trading value into a form within the software, then click the “trade” button to purchase that cryptocurrency. All trading is done within the app.

Ultimately, there are hundreds of automated trading software programs on the market today. All of these systems make the same promises: they claim to use advanced algorithms and signals monitoring in order to provide consistent profits to users. Until Crypto Advantage posts transparent information about its results online, it’s hard to verify its claims.

Who’s Behind Crypto Advantage?

The makers of Crypto Advantage do not disclose their identity online. The contact page just features a single email address ([email protected]). Aside from that, we have no information about who’s behind Crypto Advantage or why they’re qualified to create investment software – or why they believe they can teach people how to earn $100 per hour.

Based on the company’s Facebook page, the creators have been linked to MLMs and pyramid schemes in the past. The page mentions platforms like USI Tech, for example, and other “bitcoin wealth training clubs.”

The website was registered on November 8, 2017. It’s a brand new website.

Crypto Advantage Conclusion

Crypto Advantage is a live trading platform that promises to help you earn $100 per hour. The software is catered towards those who are completely new to cryptocurrency trading. If you’re new to the world of crypto, but have heard about the amazing gains, then Crypto Advantage wants to appeal to you.

In an effort to market its trading platform online, the makers of Crypto Advantage have released a free eBook. You can gain access to that eBook by providing your verified phone number and email address online. The eBook provides a basic overview of cryptocurrency trading, and it’s mostly designed to get you to sign up for Crypto Advantage.

One of the red flags about Crypto Advantage is that it’s being promoted on binary options trading websites and MLM blogs online. The company appears to be linked with other pyramid schemes and “wealth building” scams across the bitcoin community. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Crypto Advantage is a scam, but it does mean they’re trying to appeal to the same gullible investors that fall victims to scams like Bitconnect.

To learn more about the platform, visit online today at

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