Crypto Alert Initial Coin Offering – Make Money Cryptocurrency ICO?

Crypto Alert is an email newsletter catered to the cryptocurrency industry and ICOs. Find out if this high-priced newsletter can really help you make enormous profits today in our review.

What Is Crypto Alert?

Crypto Alert is an email newsletter created by Agora Financial, the company best-known for its high-priced email newsletters catered towards the financial industry. Like other Agora Financial products, Crypto Alert sends you financial alerts periodically in exchange for a steep payment.

How much will you pay for Crypto Alert? The program is priced at $3,000 USD, plus an annual fee of $199. In exchange for that fee, you receive 2 to 3 emails per month, as well as two bonus reports when you first sign up.

Why would you pay that much money for an email newsletter and downloadable PDFs? The newsletter entices you with promises of getting rich through initial coin offerings, or ICOs. Today, ICOs have changed the way companies raise capital. They bypass traditional venture capital investment channels and work directly with investors through ICOs. Investors receive digital tokens in exchange for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, and you receive a share in a company that could become the next Amazon or Google of the blockchain industry.

Crypto Alert’s newest marketing page specifically warns you about an ICO that’s scheduled to launch on August 28. The creator of the newsletter claims that on August 28, an “an entirely new digital currency will hit the net”, and that currency will “rapidly replace all current” cryptocurrencies. The writer of Crypto Alert claims the price will go up 1,000 times, and that it’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a major investment.

In any case, the sales page features thousands of words explaining how you’ll get rich by reading Crypto Alert. All you need to do is pay the $3,000 entry fee (plus $200 per year).

What Do You Get With Crypto Alert?

It’s hard to understand the Crypto Alert sales page. The sales page spends most of its time talking about how you’re going to be a billionaire – or even a trillionaire – by following their advice. Once you get past the hyperbolic ridiculousness, however, you can learn what you’re actually paying for when you buy Crypto Alert for $3,000:

  • One full year of the Crypto Alert newsletter, which is released 2 to 3 times per month and features trade alerts for ICOs and cryptocurrencies
  • A “complete set of proprietary trading indicators and easy-to-digest video tutorials”
  • A bonus report and “a few more special gifts”

That bonus report is called, “Digital Gold – How to Make 100,000% Gains on the ICO Revolution of 2017 As It Enters Its Final Stage”. The “special gifts” include $500 of in-store credit to the Agora Financial online store, which mostly consists of email newsletters priced between $200 and $1000 a year. The sales page claims to deliver this in-store credit to you in a leather wallet, but it will just appear in your online account after sign-up (they call this your “digital wallet”).

Crypto Alert Pricing

Lifetime Subscription: $3,000 USD + $199 annual subscription fee

There’s no physical product delivered with your order. It’s just an electronic subscription. Your newsletters are delivered via email, and the report is delivered via an email attachment (a PDF file).

There’s also some mention about a digital wallet containing $500 of “usable currency”. In reality, however that wallet just appears to be an in-store credit for Agora Financial’s products – which are already extremely overpriced.

The only other bonus we received was called, “Hands Off My Coins: 11 Legal Tricks to Block the IRS from Touching Your Physical AND Digital Wealth.” That report explains how to reduce your tax burden.

Who Writes Crypto Alert?

Obviously, when you’re paying $3200 for a year’s worth of email newsletters, you expect the information to be written by a high-quality source. So who’s behind Crypto Alert?

Crypto Alert is written by a guy named Martin Hutchinson, listed as “Chief Digital Currency Analyst” for the newsletter. Martin claims to be earning $2.2 million in annual salary for the gig (that’s the salary listed on the Crypto Alert sales page).

In terms of experience, Martin claims to have worked at 6 different stock exchanges around the world. Martin has also reported for the Wall Street Journal and holds an MBA from Harvard. He also vaguely mentions working for a “maverick president” 26 years ago (it appears he’s talking about George H.W. Bush).

Crypto Alert also features contributions from the Crypto Alert “Investment Director”, Lou Basenese,

Conclusion: Is Crypto Alert A Scam?

Crypto Alert isn’t a scam. It’s just a high-priced “hot stock tips” newsletter that you can choose to either believe or not believe. The newsletter comes with promises and guarantees about the amount of money you’ll make. The sales page is filled with testimonials from people who’ve become overnight millionaires by following the advice. You can choose to believe those or not.

Ultimately, if there was a proven way to make a million dollars – whether through ICOs or traditional investments – it’s unlikely you would be hearing about it from some scammy-looking sales page – however this one is created by Agora Financial who is one of the most reputable household names in the space.

Nevertheless, learning from headline experts and acting on the right information can change your financial outlook for the better. I’m not telling you how to spend your money, and if you want to spend $3200 on a year’s worth of email newsletters, then feel free to do so – but just know they are very complete, update and always on the cutting-edge of the latest and greatest in the world of finance.

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  1. Have subscribed on this service subscription for almost 2 months now and have followed their recommendations. Now am losing money with almost all of their recommended cryptos and they are down in price. Below is a partial summary of their recommend portfolio with corresponding gains:

    Name Gain
    OmiseGO -39%
    Golem -31%
    Monero 76%
    Komodo 65%
    Edgeless -38%
    Waves -12%
    Blocknet -8%

    The results clearly don't meet up with their claims of giving over triple digit gains. And even up to now there is still no update on their ICO coin Chronologic. I don't recommend anyone subscribing on this service as I believe this is just all hype.

    • Thank you for this info. My elderly father was taken advantage of by them. I recently found out they took him for thousands. :'(

  2. I also subscribed. They are overpriced, and they did a bait switch on me. They promised 500 dollar ethereum credit, and a trezor wallet. It took them 2 months to get me the 500 dollar credit, and the trezor wallet never came. After asking us to have patience because they were so backlogged with their suppliers, they send me a cheap leather wallet. I thought is was a token of apology for the delay. After 6 months, I finally gave them a call, (waiting time is like calling the cable company), and now they tell me that my sign up did not include the wallet. The email they originally SENT listing ALL the gifts we would get was a mistake, and not meant for the subscribers at the time I signed up. (quoting the customer rep) The customer rep. told me the the trezor wallet was not listed in the actual page I signed up. Yeah, so basically they pulled a bait and switch. Yes, I should have checked I know. Lesson learned.

    • Hey ML

      Why don't you get them back by leaking all the info they send you. That would teach them not to keep their customers happy!!!!


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