Everybody is using Bitcoin right now, but do you know all the places that are accepting this kind of currency right? If you don’t, you will be able to know soon. Today, we will review a new site called Crypto Allowed.

What Is CryptoAllowed?

Crypto Allowed is basically a Google for Bitcoin. You could also change the word “basically” for literally because Crypto Allowed uses the Google API to create a search engine whose objective is to localize places and sites that accept Bitcoin using your keyword.

It’s just like Google. You write “hotel” and you will find plenty of hotels around the world that accept Bitcoin as payment, for example.

The service was created recently and, at the moment, you can only use Crypto Allowed in English, but you can search for keywords in other languages to look for them.

CryptoAllowed Verdict

Is this a good site? Definitely. Crypto Allowed is very useful and might save you a lot of time when you need to find something specific that uses Bitcoin as a way for payments. Because of this, consider this website a very interesting tool to find many services that might interest you.

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