Crypto Angel Review

There are many interesting companies with revolutionary ideas which can be excellent investments for you. The company that we will review today, Crypto Angel, is one of them.

What Is Crypto Angel?

Crypto Angel is an artificial intelligence and blockchain company whose main objective is to use artificial intelligence in order to enhance the human thinking, their planning and their decision-making process. Basically, Crypto Angel wants to be your AI guide.

The program would serve as your consultant in situations that you would need it. You could specify your goals to the Crypto Angel app and then the central intelligence (mastermind) you be triggered to guide you toward achieving your goals. The main idea to create an AI which will provide for an assistive role and enhancement of the human intelligence.

The human factor, the company states, would be one of the central factors to be taken into account while using this program. It would be like the computer would actually tell you what to do and you should obey it. Instead, it would be designed to give a helping hand when you need it the most. It would be human-computer interaction.

The individual would give a share of all his activities to the computer, which would encode them in its database to understand its behaviors, opinions and habits better. The mastermind, a central intelligence, would then store millions of personal data samples and it would help people to take their decisions better.

This would be made via a certain machine learning process and the blockchain technology would be central to the processing and storage of all this information, making this technology available.

The co-founders of this company are Vladan Podanin and Stefan Jovanovic, both young, but with expertise in the AI and blockchain area.

How Does Crypto Angel Virtual Life AI Assistant System Work?

Crypto Angel is the result of the advances in the technologies of AI, blockchain, augmented reality and the internet of things. The company would use all the available technology to create a system which would collect data from the individuals and create a database about them which could enable the AI to know how they could solve their problems.

One of the most important aspects of the Crypto Angel program is the synergy between AI and blockchain. While the main function of the AI would be to help to understand and recognize patterns and information, the blockchain tech would help the company in the verification, execution and recording of this information.

Crypto Angel uses the Ethereum blockchain to process the information gathered by the AI system. Smart contracts and blockchain are the answer to the problem of understanding the data but not being able to automate and verify the data.

One of the main goals of the company is the creation of the Crypto Angel ecosystem. The AI would put inputs into the framework of the company and they would be processed via the EThereum blockchain and turned into outputs.

Hard to understand? Basically, it is the creation of a system in which Crypto Angel would gather data via “life logging”, a process of transferring your life experiences to the blockchain. They would be analyzed and compared with the information of other people on the mastermind AI and then the blockchain would process them and transform them into outputs.

What would these outputs be? Basically, actions or hints for actions to be taken. Smart contracts could be used to ensure these actions or they could be told to the user. In any case, this culminates in the creation of a ecosystem that uses the user information to give them outputs.

The company has also devised a new consensus model which can be used in the place of older systems like proof of stake and proof of work. The proof of intelligence system will be used on high level operations instead of simple transactions.

The business model of the company would be to use the cryptocurrency of the company to pay for the services and use it to reward people who would have done services for the network. These tokens could be used on the platform or to be sold in exchanges later.

Crypto Angel ICO Details

To invest in Crypto Angel, you have to acquire the tokens of this company during their upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The sale starts on February 24 and 70,000,000 of the 88,000,000 tokens of the company will be sold in the event. An investor has to buy at least 50 ANGEL tokens to participate in the sale.

As the tokens are sold, the price will go up. 1 ETH will buy 1000 ANGEL tokens, but you will receive discounts if you buy them sooner. The discount will be of 30% at the beginning of the sale and it will rise to 20% after 30% of the tokens have been sold. Between 30-45% of the tokens sold, the price will have a 20% bonus and a 10% one during 45-60% of the sale. After 60% of the tokens have been sold, the price will not have discounts anymore.

Crypto Angel Verdict

Is Crypto Angel a good investment for you? Yes, it can surely be and that does not depend on whether you want to use Crypto Angel or not. The company has such an interesting idea that it will probably achieve a level of success if the program is actually well made.

Because of this, you can consider Crypto Angel to be a somewhat safe investment. You can buy the tokens of this company and you will probably not regret doing so. The choice is yours but we recommend the acquisition of the Crypto Angel tokens if you are looking to get a great return on investment.

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