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Crypto Apartments, found online at, is a cryptocurrency-based investment project in Germany. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Crypto Apartments?

Crypto Apartments aims to solve a crucial problem in Germany: there’s a shortage of residential housing. This problem existed before the refugee crisis of 2015, but it hasn’t become better over time.

With that in mind, the Crypto Apartments team wants to build residential apartments across Germany. The company claims it’s “the world’s first crowdfunding residential building ICO.”

By buying ICO tokens for Crypto Apartments, you can invest in real estate in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Stuttgart. As a token holder, you receive 30% of profits collected by the company.

How Does Crypto Apartments Work?

The core goal of Crypto Apartments is to create an ecosystem where all services are integrated, including house construction, property management, rental service, and janitorial service.

They also plan to build a web platform where residents can pay their rents with bank transfers and cryptocurrencies – including BTC and ETH. Rent payments and money transfers will be facilitated through the use of smart contracts.

Buildings need to be built according to the regulation by EnEV to obtain a building license. EnEV is a German guideline that acts as the bare minimum for housing standards. Crypto Apartments plans to build their apartments according to the KfW-Effizienzhaus guideline to accomplish this goal.

Once the building is completed and has achieved regulation, the building is rented or sold. If the building is rented, it will be managed by Crypto Apartments.

All token holders have the right to receive 30% of the company’s profits. However, founder accounts will not receive any profit share. Founder tokens will only be used when company capital is needed. Furthermore, Crypto Apartments plans to invest 20% of the profits from rents into building more apartments, increasing earnings for all token holders. Crypto Apartments reserves the right to adjust that 30% profit sharing number in the future.

Crypto Apartments believes the first tenants will move into the properties in October 2018, with the first profits distributed to token holders at the beginning of 2019.

Who’s Behind Crypto Apartments?

Crypto Apartments is led by founder and CEO Hannes Uhlmann and CTO Benjamin Schneider.

In terms of development plans, the company began conducting market research in January 2017. In mid-2017, they started planning the project and app development. By November 2017, after the ICO is complete, they will begin buying land, with a foundation stone laid in February 2018. The first tenants are expected to enter the building in October 2018, with the first payments for token holders arriving in January 2019.

Crypto Apartments UG is a public-registered body with legal responsibilities. They’re subject to audits under German law.

The Crypto Apartments ICO

The total supply of Crypto Apartments tokens (CAA tokens) has not yet been determined. The price per token during the ICO is locked at 1 ETH = 500 billion tokens (!).

As a token holder, you’re eligible to receive a share of the profits. Any tokens held by the founders will not be eligible for profit sharing.

The ICO started on September 30 and is taking place until the end of October.

One of the unique things about the Crypto Apartments ICO is that you can make money by referring other people to join the ICO. If someone buys tokens through your link, you’ll receive 10% of all Crypto Apartments tokens your referee purchased. That money is automatically deposited into your bitcoin wallet.

Crypto Apartments Conclusion

Crypto Apartments is a German-based company that is preparing to build apartments across the country, including in Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, and Cologne. The company has already planned its housing development. The next step is to purchase land and build apartments. Despite the fact that the buildings have not yet broken ground, Crypto Apartments believes the first tenants will move into the properties in October 2018.

Crypto Apartments also plans to develop a web platform where residents can pay their rents with bank transfers or cryptocurrencies. They envision an ecosystem where all services are integrated into one platform, including house construction, property management, rental services, and janitor services.

You can learn more about Crypto Apartments, or participate in the ICO today, by visiting the company online at

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