Crypto Bit Trade

Crypto Bit Trade, which also calls itself CBT, is a multilevel marketing scheme that promises to pay you 1% ROI every day, plus 30% binary bonuses. Here’s our Crypto Bit Trade review.

What Is Crypto Bit Trade?

Crypto Bit Trade is a multilevel marketing scheme found online at The scheme claims to be “100% automated” and provides you with “1% passive daily income”. Users can also earn 5% to 30% binary bonuses by referring people to the platform.

Another unique thing about Crypto Bit Trade is that it claims to have transparent ownership, and the owners have a successful track record of running a business (although as you’ll find later on, this is completely untrue, and there’s no information about the owners available on the website).

Obviously, when someone tells you that you can earn 1% in daily income, guaranteed, then that’s a big red flag. 1% income per day is 365% income per year, compounded daily. That’s better than any investment opportunity you’ll find.

There’s also the problem that Crypto Bit Trade makes the same promise as countless other bitcoin scams on the market today: it promises to “duplicate your amount” of bitcoin.

So is Crypto Bit Trade a scam? Or is this a legitimate business opportunity? Let’s look closer at how the company works.

What Does Crypto Bit Trade Sell?

There are some multilevel marketing companies that don’t sell any goods or services. Typically, this is what distinguishes a pyramid scheme from a legal MLM. When a company is only fueled by new memberships, it’s a pyramid scheme.

So what does Crypto Bit Trade/sell? The primary purpose of the company, like most MLMs, appears to be convincing other people to join the site.

However, the platform does feature news and technical analyses. They also mention some type of trading platform. Of course, all of these features are available for free from other sources online, so it’s not exactly a unique selling feature.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of Crypto Bit Trade is to sell memberships in the company. There isn’t really a product or service being sold here, as far as we can tell. The business exists to sell high-priced memberships.

Crypto Bit Trade Features

Crypto Bit Trade advertises all of the following features:

Simple And Easy To Use:

Like similar bitcoin scams, Crypto Bit Trade markets itself to complete cryptocurrency beginners.

Real-Time Tracking:

Crypto Bit Trade users have a back-office where they can monitor their account activity and referrals.


With Crypto Bit Trade, you don’t have to do any work to make money. The platform automatically doubles your bitcoin without you doing any work.

Binary Network:

Crypto Bit Trade offers commissions between 5% and 30% on new members you refer to the platform.

Duplicate Your Money:

Crypto Bit Trade specifically promises to “duplicate your amount”, and will double the amount of the plan chosen by you with a yield of 1% per day.

Daily Payments:

Crypto Bit Trade promises to deposit your earned bitcoin into your wallet every day.

Crypto Bit Trade also claims to be a 100% trustworthy platform because “we have real trading and mining program with actual products and services”, and claim they’re focused on “long-term partnership” opportunities with clients, partners, and employees.

Ultimately, Crypto Bit Trade spends very little time talking about its products or services. The majority of the website is focused on information about membership plans.

Crypto Bit Trade Pricing

Like similar bitcoin scams, you’ll need to pay a hefty fee to join Crypto Bit Trade. Membership fees range from 0.05 BTC ($200 USD) to 16 BTC ($65,000 USD).

There isn’t any major difference between plans. You’re basically giving a company money, and then expecting them to give you 1% daily returns guaranteed. The more you pay, the higher your binary bonus will be.

Again, there’s no proof anyone has received actual money from Crypto Bit Trade in exchange for their membership fee, or that they pay anywhere close to their promised returns.

In terms of refund, Crypto Bit Trade has no refund policy whatsoever. Once the company has your money, there’s no evidence you’ll ever see it again.

What Is The CBT Academy?

Crypto Bit Trade offers some type of online guide on bitcoin. They call it their “CBT Academy”. The topics are basic and include things you can find anywhere else on the internet. The makers claim to have “searched far and wide to bring you the best publicly available educational content on digital currencies”, although it’s nothing unique.

Who’s Behind Crypto Bit Trade?

One of Crypto Bit Trade’s stated benefits is that it has transparent owners with a history of running successful businesses.

Unfortunately, we could find no information about the website’s owners available online. All we have is one email address: [email protected] Aside from that, the company refuses to disclose any information about who’s running the scam.

The only other “clue” we have is that the domain was registered on May 7, 2017. It was last updated on August 2, 2017, which is when the site appears to have been filled with Crypto Bit Trade content.

Crypto Bit Trade Conclusion

Crypto Bit Trade is identical to many other bitcoin scams on the internet today. It advertises itself as a powerful investment opportunity where you can earn 1% per day guaranteed (365% ROI per year) or even “double your amount” of bitcoin.

In reality, however, there’s no evidence that Crypto Bit Trade works as advertised. The company will likely take your bitcoin deposit and disappear without ever paying any fees or their advertised returns. They have no refund policy and no ownership information.

Ultimately, based on all of the information we can see online, there’s no reason to think that Crypto Bit Trade is a legitimate business opportunity. It appears to be yet another bitcoin pyramid scheme.

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