Crypto Cannabis Conference

If you are planning to join the world of Cryptocurrency, then you should also be ready to take time learning about the industry. The same case applies to already established investors as there is no better way to stay at the top of the competition than discovering the game secrets. And although there has been a rise of crypto ventures in the recent times, Bitcoin remains at the center of it all, so if you love everything to do with Bitcoin and would like to learn more, then it’s high time you participate in seminars and conferences. You would be glad to learn that the year 2018 is full of such opportunities, one of which is the 4th and 5th Semi-Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2018.

What Is Crypto Cannabis Conference?

The 4th and 5th Semi-annual Cannabis Conference 2018 is set to take place on April 23rd and October 20th at Club Vinyl Denver Colorado. The event would bring together renowned experts in Cannabis and Bitcoin with the center of focus on providing educative information to participants rather than the usual sales pitch conferences. Interested parties can participate in this unique event through ticket purchases or providing sponsorships.

Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23, 2018 Features

The organizers of the Semi-Annual Crypto Conference 2018 have come up with various tools to assist individuals make their participation worth it;

  • Various ticket buying options depending on your budget
  • Sponsor options with Ad spaces
  • Over 420 local accommodation facilities
  • A viable list of confirmed expert speakers
  • An opt-out option for
  • Use of Cryptocurrency payment/bidding options

How Does Crypto Cannabis Conference Work?

Interested members of the cannabis and Bitcoin sector get to book tickets in advance to participate in the event. Participation can be in form of being an audience, speaker or even sponsor. Users have to do all this through the Crypto Cannabis Conference official website. The confirmed venue for the 4th Semi-Annual event is Denver while that of the 5th could be either in Denver or Las Vegas.

Those attending the event would get the opportunity to network, get an open VIP and media, listen to a speech on Bitcoin as well as have a moderated Cannabis questions and answers session. Additionally, there would be a legal questions and answers panel, a banking speech, a cannabis speech, TREZOR and KEEPKEY giveaways and an after party for all participants.

Crypto Cannabis Conference Denver's Educational Ticket Sale Events

The tickets selling events would include;

  • Basic Passes-$25
  • Annual Basic Passes-$45
  • Spectator Passes-$75
  • Annual Spectator Passes-$125
  • Free Cannabis Industry Passes
  • Annual VIP Passes
  • Annual Raffle/ Swag Sponsor $420
  • Annual Ads Sponsor $420

Should I Attend The Crypto Cannabis Conference?

The event seems like a great idea for those with a Cannabis and Bitcoin interest to learn from experts in the field. You would not only get to understand the legal frames in place but also get the opportunity to participate in the questions and answers sessions.

However, this might not be an event for you if you prefer an open for all segments as there would be a lot of restriction as to what places you can enter depending on your payment model. Therefore, the event seems to favor established individuals in the field as compared to start-ups.

Crypto Cannabis Conference 2018 Conclusion

The 4th and 5th Semi-Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference seeks to provide a learning opportunity to interested parties in the Bitcoin and Cannabis sector.

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