Crypto Capital lets you deposit and withdraw fiat funds to any crypto exchange worldwide. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital, found online at, is a financial institution for the crypto economy. The company describes itself as “a private fiat banking platform built to support any crypto blockchain.”

With Crypto Capital, you can deposit funds in the fiat currency of your choice, including USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, and others. Then, you can use that fiat to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies 24/7/365 using verified exchange platforms.

Why would you give money to Crypto Capital instead of depositing it directly into an exchange? The benefit of Crypto Capital is that you sign up through their website, complete KYC/AML requirements once, then can buy cryptocurrencies through multiple exchanges. You don’t need to go through KYC/AML verification for each exchange.

So far, Crypto Capital is integrated with a number of major exchanges, including QuadrigaCX, Coinapult, Bitfinex,, BTCC, Exmo, Chip Chap, and others.

How Does Crypto Capital Work?

You sign up for Crypto Capital, complete KYC/AML verification, then deposit money. Then, you can purchase and move cryptocurrencies between exchanges. You can withdraw funds from another exchange to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, for example. Arbitrage is one of the main advertised benefits of the Crypto Capital platform.

So far, Crypto Capital supports 20 different currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, HKD, TRY, CZK, PLN, CNY, and more.

Crypto Capital also has a virtual VISA card. You can purchase a virtual VISA card through the platform then spend your money anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Based on reviews we see online, seems to work as advertised. One Redditor claimed that moving money between exchanges and their account was instant. The only delay is the initial delay when depositing money into the platform (wiring money from a USD bank account, for example, can take a few days).

Crypto Capital also lets you have multiple accounts in different currencies, all managed through a single dashboard. You’re not restricted to any one currency.

Crypto Capital Benefits

For Investors And Traders:

Crypto Capital will handle all KYC/AML requirements, which means you get verified only once, and then you can interact with multiple exchanges without needing to re-verify your identity every time. One account can be used across multiple exchanges.

Corporate Account:

Crypto Capital provides your company with a fiat bank account, allowing you to grow your crypto-related business on an international level. You can get direct access to exchanges and payment processors, allowing you to transfer and receive funds worldwide.

Exchange Platforms:

Crypto Capital is seeking to partner with exchange platforms. Crypto Capital will handle all KYC/AML/SAR verification requirements and is licensed to handle customer’s funds. The exchange, meanwhile, just provides the software to exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versa. It’s a win-win-solution for everyone involved.

Crypto Capital Fees

Crypto Capital has different fees for personal accounts and corporate accounts. The platform carefully outlines all fees here on this page.

  • Account Opening Fee: Free
  • Annual Renewal Fee: Free
  • Transfers Between Crypto Capital Accounts: Free
  • Incoming Funds from Non-Crypto Capital Accounts: $10 (or $20 for amounts greater than $20,000)
  • External Transfers: $10 (for amounts under $10,000) $20 (amounts greater than $10,000), $25 (amounts greater than $25,000), $45 (amounts greater than $40,000), $55 (amounts greater than $50,000), $85 (amounts greater than $100,000), $120 (amounts greater than $200,000), $175 (amounts greater than $450,000)
  • Express Transfers: $45
  • Recall Request: $75

The fees for personal accounts and corporate accounts seem almost identical. There are also high volume accounts that can lower fees for high volume traders.

Who’s Behind Crypto Capital?

Crypto Capital Corp is based in Panama. The organization is licensed by Panama’s MICI as a financial institution and is also a member of the SWIFT/BIC under network code CYCAPAP1.

Crypto Capital Conclusion

Crypto Capital is a multi-exchange service that lets you complete KYC/AML verification just once, then immediately access multiple exchanges. Crypto Capital has already partnered with some major names in the crypto community, including, Bitfinex, BTCC, and others. You can deposit 20+ fiat currencies into the platform, then spend those currencies at the exchange of your choice.

To learn more about Crypto Capital, visit online today at

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  1. Totally scam! I’ve been waited for a month, they only let my 20k usd of transaction got ‘authorizes’, after two weeks still recevied nothing.

    They told me have to submit a ‘missing credit’ report. I wish I still have patient to wait.

  2. I lost my money with too. I wished I had done some Googling before trusted my money with them. It’s definitely a scam company.

  3. These guys ate total crooks its been 4 month now still havent recieved my money how i wish i knew their offices so i can burn them down these people take poor peoples money and they will not even respond to your emails i’ve given up on sending them mails becouse its point less however if anyone knows their whereabouts please guys keep us informed i would like tontakethem down. What there saying in their website its total bulshirt


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