Crypto Cash Pool

Crypto Cash Pool is a bitcoin pyramid scheme that promises to help you get rich quick. Find out how this scam works today in our review.

What Is Crypto Cash Pool?

Crypto Cash Pool, found online at, is a pyramid scheme that uses a 2×5 “fully automatic” matrix. The scheme promises to pay you 8 BTC for no apparent reason: all you need to do is send money to the anonymous creator of Crypto Cash Pool, then convince your friends and family to do the same. If you convince enough people to join the scam, then the anonymous creator of Crypto Cash Pool promises to pay you 8 BTC ($46,000 USD).

Ultimately, Crypto Cash Pool seems identical to other pyramid schemes we’ve seen in the bitcoin community. These schemes appear online, advertise themselves heavily for a few weeks, then disappear. Sometimes, a few early members get paid. In most cases, however, the creator disappears with everyone’s deposits once enough people have been lured into the scam.

How Does Crypto Cash Pool Work?

Crypto Cash Pool works in the same way as most pyramid schemes.

There’s a 2×5 “fully automatic” matrix. At the first stage, you recruit 2 members. By the time you hit the 5th level, you need to recruit 32 members.

Like all pyramid schemes, Crypto Cash Pool also forces you to pay to become active. You’ll need to send 0.001 BTC for the first level.

All membership fees are on a monthly basis. You need to pay 0.001 BTC per month to stay active on the first level. You’ll also need to convince two other people to pay the same monthly fee. If you repeat this process dozens of times, then you’ll make 8 BTC.

Even if you do somehow manage to convince dozens of people to pay a monthly fee, you’re still not in control of your money. Your monthly membership fee is sent to an anonymous bitcoin wallet. That bitcoin wallet holds everyone’s funds at all times.

Crypto Cash Pool promises automatic withdrawals. However, we can find no evidence that this pyramid scheme has ever paid anyone.

There’s limited information listed on the Crypto Cash Pool website. This is just a straight-up pyramid scheme: there are no products or services listed on the official website, and the company doesn’t even pretend to be a legitimate or legal investment opportunity. However, they do describe themselves as “a donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations.” In reality, it’s just another pyramid scheme where you’re required to pay a monthly fee to stay active.

Who’s Behind Crypto Cash Pool?

The creator of Crypto Cash Pool refuses to disclose any information about himself or herself online.

The website was registered on September 6, 2017. No contact information, location information, or other data is posted on the official website.

Typically, when someone asks you to send money online, but refuses to disclose their identity, it’s a sign you’re a victim of a scam. Be smarter than that, and don’t fall for Crypto Cash Pool.

Crypto Cash Pool Conclusion

Crypto Cash Pool promises to pay you 8 BTC in exchange for convincing people to join a pyramid scheme. You pay a monthly membership fee to stay active in the company, then convince other people to pay that same monthly membership fee. All money is kept in control of the anonymous creator of Crypto Cash Pool, and it’s highly likely that the anonymous creator will shut down the scheme soon after it launches – just like every other bitcoin pyramid scheme we’ve reviewed.

Based on everything we can find online, Crypto Cash Pool is a blatant pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scam run by an anonymous scam artist. Unless you feel like donating your money to a scammer, you should absolutely avoid Crypto Cash Pool.

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