Crypto Central Exchange

What Is Crypto Central Exchange?

Many crypto exchanges today face security and logistic problems. The Cryptocentrax has conducted a lot of research and they might just have the solution. The developers of this exchange have done a lot of research to find some of the issues that exist in exchanges. To achieve their goal, they will use the Crypto Central Exchange.

The Problem Crypto Central Exchange Seeks To Solve

Most crypto exchanges face issues of customer service because of overestimation and under spending. Users registering for accounts usually overload most of the huge exchanges’ bandwidth allocation. The result is that the exchanges are incapable of completing the requests. The result is that the entire site slows down. In some cases, even the existing users are locked out of their accounts and they are not able to access any services on the site.

This leads to low customer satisfaction and major security problems. A simple solution is to stop registration and upgrade the bandwidth. However, most exchanges just ignore the issue and hope it will clear up on its own. When they ignore an issue, it does not resolve on its own. Instead, it only gets worse with time.

The Crypto Central Exchange Solution

Creators of this project think one solution would be multi-hosting. It simply means using more than one host to handle the site-wide load. With the help of AI, they believe they can utilize over 10 hosts on demand. The hosts will be cross verified and interlinked to ensure they can handle the site-wide overload upon demand.

The other solution is to utilize AI. The AI Network they have developed is designed for on-demand scaling. This process is made possible by signing numerous contracts with top service providers for the scaling. As the servers reach critical mass, the docile cell receivers are activated. This creates adequate allocation needed to make the operation of the site smooth. This way, there will never be an overload.

The Crypto Central Exchange Decentralized AI Trading

The artificial neural networks will be able to have a random number of layers with a random number of neurons. The performance of ANN will depend on how many layers and random neurons it has. It will also depend on the presence of a bias, how the neurons are connected, and transfer function.

Right now, they are creating six different neural networks that have a different number of neurons and layers. This is done to achieve the minimum error while avoiding over-fitting. The goal is to maximize performance function, which is the mean square error (MSE). AI has been used with much success all over the world. In fact, some of the biggest sites on earth such as Facebook run on AI. Sites such as Google would not even exist were it not for AI.

Crypto Central Exchange ICO Details

This platform is not holding an ICO over regulatory fears. Instead, they have an airdrop. The CCX tokens will be given to those that like and share their social media posts. Besides that, you need to join their telegram page. There are 15 CCX tokens given away if someone uses your referral link.

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