Crypto Connector John McAfee Forms New Coinbene Partnership to Combat HitBTC

New Partnership With John McAfee And Coinbene To Combat HBTC

Only yesterday, a significant announcement made by John McAfee about a new collaboration with Coinbene. Coinbene is now part of the John McAfee Alliance and ready to take on some of the company’s largest antagonists. It only took a few days after negotiations started to seal the deal between the two massive corporations.

Parties worked together to agree on a cryptocurrency cruise set around Barcelona Spain on September 7th. The purpose of the new partnership is to fight against known to be corrupt crypto-exchanges like HitBTC. McAfee has repeatedly spoken out against the less than honest company time and time again on social media sites like Twitter.

The final decision is that Coinbene will gladly take on and list any of the currencies they will ask HitBTC to remove from their exchange listing.

“Blockchain-based applications, cryptocurrencies and the entire focus of the crypto community are that we are a permissionless society. A society is based on its financial foundation and in the existing world permission is the fundamental force that controls everything”, explains McAfee

A recent tweet by McAfee described his distaste for the company, while also announcing the new partnership. As for Coinbene, they are fully prepared to create a global exchange for various cryptocurrencies in which everything is legally sound, safe and secure for all parties involved.

They will also make sure to stay compliant with any needed legal regulations on each of their cryptocurrency trading channels they will be running. If you haven’t heard of Coinbene, they are a global startup that started in Nov 2017, considered to be one of the biggest exchanges operating at this time in the cryptocurrency industry.

Have you used Coinbene before or HitBTC? If so, how was your experience with the two different trading exchanges? Leave your answers to the question in the comment section below.

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