No Minced Words Here and Interesting Karma: SBI Threaten to Attack Bitcoin Cash

It started with an argument over the future of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, the hard fork of Bitcoin and what sort of future it has in store for it, but it's become a matter of one particular company being thrown some serious shade.

Originating because of an article by the Twitter user, David Jerry (@digitsu), titled with the inflammatory “There can be NO split of BCH… Or the network dies“. No, while the article itself was generally well received with the occasional skeptical opinion, there was one that took exception to it.

That ‘one' was Jihan Wu (@JihanWu), one of the Co-founders of the Bitmain, the cryptocurrency mining company. In the tweet, Wu perceived the article as a thinly veiled threat against Bitcoin Cash by the SBI, which would allow it to be controlled alongside CSW, further adding “they are bad people, and they will fail.”

To say that this provoked a number of follow-up comments would be an understatement, they included a number of concise remarks, and a number of highly constructive ones, including by the user @UmpireUlysses:

The one that cast the largest amount of shade, however, was Cøbra (@CobraBitcoin), the Co-founder of and, who reminded Wu of the past activities of Bitmain, and why people in glass houses should never throw stones:

But while Cøbra makes reference to some of the unscrupulous past activities of Bitmain, it has some very real, very recent controversies that it is now coming face to face with. As it was reported yesterday that the mining company has secretly activated an infamous hack in order to give it an unfair advantage over its competitors while allowing its systems to mine faster.

The hack, referred to as AsicBoost, which increases efficiency by 20%, meaning that miners that use this system would be unfairly earning rewards far faster than they should, making it a highly controversial program to use, and one that Bitmain has been busted with before.

Makes the shade that Cøbra cast just a little bit more on the frostbite side, it seems.

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