Another ICO bites the dust, this time it brings investors crashing down with it, in the tune of some $60 million.

A Reddit post by crypto-user Slinterface started the discussion on the theft by ACChain. The blacklist founders of the company, a dozen or so individuals are now ghost with over $60m in hard earned cash collected from unfortunate investors.

A photo posted shows the emptied office that leaves no traces of the cyber-criminals’ whereabouts. Suspicious rumors about the event speak of a sudden exit of the building by employees who work for Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co Ltd. and Shenzhen Victory Blockchain Ltd. When the fast escape happened, the group left so quickly; they didn't even take the computers which held the information on the platform. Instead, witnesses reported seeing several men looking like members of an organized crime family, entering the building to “clean up any evidence” left behind by the group of blacklisted employees.

Reddit users claim the company’s social media accounts are still up and running, apparently void of any updates, however. Any attempts made to contact members of the team have produced no response, solidifying the accusations that a scam has taken place.

Numbers on how much money the thieves took varies, but we know for sure it is somewhere between $44m and $60m – in any case, it's a large sum of money – leaving a large group of investors frustrated and even broke. After further investigation, it seems the company locations are entirely fictitious, many people are now speculating on the authenticity of the team.

For the sake of potentially protecting investors, here is a list of names on the company roster: Jia Wan, Qing Feng Shan, Joe F. Attrux, Genevieve Leveille, Serena Yin, Ben Gibbons, Cheng Jun Piao, Hao Tian Yu, Jing Zhu Zhao.

Names are now available with images (you can see on the Reddit thread), in an attempt to help authorities, locate the cyber-criminals. Investors who come across any of these names should be wary and contact the proper authorities immediately. As for the identity of the men in black who confiscated the computer hardware from the office, guesses are in the air, but no one knows for sure.

Have you ever been ripped off because of a fraudulent ICO? If so, leave your answers in the comment section below.

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