Crypto Expert Ian Balina Accuses 'Lizard Squad' For Token Theft & Hack

Ian Balina Believes ‘Lizard Squad’ is Behind The Theft of his Tokens

Ian Balina, cryptocurrency pundit, has been hacked back in April this year for approximately $2 million dollars in ERC20 tokens. Some individuals and experts did not believe the story he said and made several people wonder whether or not the theft was a tax-dogging tall tale.

But he declared in public, that his team received information that the hacker group known as Lizard Squad is behind the theft of his tokens and other attacks that took place in the crypto ecosystem.

On July the 1st, Ian Balina wrote a series of Tweets in which he explains that he and his team received information about the Lizard Squad hacker group. He said that they were behind numerous attacks on other companies, for example, the Bithumb hack in which the exchange lost $30 million dollars.

In another tweet he says that numerous people in investor networks are getting hacked via phone/SIM swaps. The Lizard Squad works paying employees at phone carriers like TMobile or others.

Of course, there are some users that are not still convinced about Balina’s original narrative and what he has said.

The theft took place at the same time that Balina was in the middle of a YouTube livestream. Then he received a message saying that somebody transferred all the tokens from his account.

Apparently, $2 million tokens had been swept from his wallet and he shut off the livestream. Then, he decided to upload an important number of Medium posts about the situation that he experienced. And one of the most important inconsistencies in his remarks has been marked by a Reddit user.

Ian Balina is lying about getting hacked to avoid taxes? from CryptoCurrency

He said that Balina tweeted about the hack saying that the attackers moved his coins to KuCoin and sold them. But the tweet about that was quickly deleted and the coins from the observed wallet were sent to KuCoin right after it. The conclusion that several users have is that Balina has engineering a facade and that he had betrayed himself.

At the moment there is no precise information about what happened. Now he is pointing out to Lizard Squad for the hack but he couldn’t prove that his fund have been stolen. Would that story about the Lizard Squad be enough to convince skeptics?

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