Crypto Fitness Club is a new online fitness club that also utilizes blockchain technology and a new type of cryptocurrency to handle all transactions. The company describes itself as the “Steemit” of the online fitness industry. Crypto Fitness Club is hosting an ICO in April 2018 to sell its cryptocurrency called GYM tokens.

What Is Crypto Fitness Club?

The mission of Crypto Fitness Club is to make fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of how much money they have or whether they’re physically able to get to a gym. They aim to be an online fitness community that makes transaction easy and secure through their cryptocurrency.

While the basic idea of Crypto Fitness Club is nice, there is little to no information available on the company’s website about the people behind the idea. There are no names mentioned on the Crypto Fitness Club website whatsoever. The company's Facebook page lists a single team member named Julia Dobrovolskaya, whose profile lists her as the marketing head of Crypto Fitness Club. Other than that, there is no information about any of the people running Crypto Fitness Club behind the scenes.

How Crypto Fitness Club Works

Crypto Fitness Club will use its GYM tokens as the currency for all transactions on the platform in order to make things easy and secure. With GYM tokens, users will be able to schedule appointments with fitness instructors and get rewarded for contributing content to the website.

For contributing a blog post, users will receive between one and 10 GYM tokens, depending on the quality of the post. For posting a video, users will receive between 10 and 50 tokens, again depending on the quality. Users can receive up to 100 GYM tokens per day.

For those looking for an online fitness club, the Crypto Fitness Club website features dozens of free videos for exercising various parts of the body, including cardio and yoga. There are also blog articles on fitness topics and recipes for nutritional meals. Users are encouraged to share similar videos and posts as a way to help others users. There is also a “shop” tab at the top of the website that is currently empty.

Crypto Fitness Club GYM Token ICO Details

Crypto Fitness Club plans to distribute 20 million GYM tokens, with 12 million being available for sale. During the sale, 1 ETH will be equal to 1000 GYM tokens. The pre-ICO will take place from April 1 to 7, 2018. During that time, Crypto Fitness Club is offering a 30% bonus. The main ICO will take place between April 14 and May 11, 2018. A 20% bonus is being offered for the first week of the ICO. That bonus will decrease to 15% during the second week and finally a 10% bonus during the third week of the ICO.

Crypto Fitness Club Social Media Exercising Benefits

There is a lot to like about what Crypto Fitness Club has to offer. There is already an impressive amount of videos on the company’s site, all of which can help users perform basic exercises. The blog articles and recipes also appear useful for those who take their health seriously. If their ICO goes well, there is every chance Crypto Fitness Club will become the “Steemit” of the online fitness industry and provide fitness help that’s accessible to everyone.

That being said, it’s odd that there is so little information about the people behind the company on the Crypto Fitness Club website. When dealing with cryptocurrencies, it’s a little disconcerting if you don’t know the people behind the scenes. It’s also worth noting that online gyms and information similar to that on the Crypto Fitness Club website are not difficult to find. In that sense, the cryptocurrency aspect of Crypto Fitness Club is the only thing that distinguishes itself from other online fitness platforms.

Is Crypto Fitness Club Right For You?

If you are interested in joining an online fitness club and also have an interest in cryptocurrencies, Crypto Fitness Club may be right for you. There is no obvious example of an online fitness platform that operates using blockchain technology as a way to make instant transactions and encourage users to share any videos and advice they have related fitness. In this sense, Crypto Fitness Club is one of a kind.

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